Day: October 13, 2022

Thur. Oct. 13, 2022 – Friday the thirteenth lands on a Thursday this month…

Cool and damp as a wet dishrag.   Sweating just waiting for the school bus.   And then hot in the afternoon sun.   Ol’ Sol still packs a wollop.   Last night it was still 79F at midnight.   That’s pretty warm and the reverse of the trend.  I am looking forward to Fall  getting here in earnest.

Spent the first part of the day online doing auction stuff.   Then went looking for some cables that someone wants to buy.   I haven’t sold any in a year, and I’ve “organized” stuff to the point that I couldn’t find them.   They weren’t at home, in the ready  to sell pile, nor were they where they used to be, in the deep storage.  I really hate when that happens.  I’ve got one more place to look today.

Then I went shopping, made dinner, did some auction stuff, and worked on mileage for taxes…  not a super fun day.

Today I’ve got to get to my storage unit and get stuff sorted and on shelves.  Shelves I have to clear a space for and assemble…  then get some more stuff out of the house.   I should do a pickup too.

No further word from the foundation guys.  I’m assuming we won’t try to do anything this week at this point.  I am frustrated by having to depend on these other guys for stuff I need.

How much more dependent am I on the bigger picture, society in general, for all my needs?   More than I’m comfortable with, that’s for sure.  They whole point of prepping is to reduce your dependence on others, to have backups to the “other controlled” aspects  of day to day life.   Disasters break those aspects of our lives, whether they be personal, or regional, or national, or global.   And we prep to minimize the effects when those dependencies break.

Stacks of stuff can help with most things.   Stacks of friends and acquaintances can help with the others.  Some you just have to ride out.

Stack what you can.


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