Day: October 20, 2022

Thur. Oct. 20, 2022 – 10202022 – ‘I done seen about everything, when I’ve seen an elephant fly…”

Cold and damp.  Warming slightly.   Then, later, more cold.  FROST on the grass fer Pete’s sake.

They got most if not all the piers and jacks in place yesterday so today we get to see a housefly.  Or a house fly.  Sorta.   While still sitting on the ground, it will rise up, about 3 inches.  Unlike most things that go up, hopefully this one won’t come down.

I did knock off a couple of small tasks yesterday, and I might get a couple more done today.   I want to watch them work, so I might not.   What I SHOULD do is run the gas line for the furnace.  Put a new toilet together for the hall bath.  (They will remove the existing to video the drain after lifting the house to make sure it’s still intact.  Might as well put the new one back instead of the old.) And finish stubbing out the plumbing supply for the kitchen sink.   At a minimum I need to cap the ends so we can pressure test before they replace the water service to the house.  That only takes a minute with sharkbite fittings.   It would be awesome to get the stubs in and pressure test them at the same time.

Any of those things would be a good thing.  All three will be a miracle of actually working on stuff, and good luck that it doesn’t cause a failure cascade.

We’ll see.

I also brought up my really tall and sturdy extension ladder.  I will hang the new cell booster antenna pole, if the U bolts I got fit the bracket.   If not, I’ll head to the store first.   Lowes doesn’t carry many U bolts, and about half were out of stock.   If I’m feeling sporty, I might use the ladder to trim some trees.  IF.

One of the things I got done was assembling a 3/4 sized propane patio heater.  It was cheap because the hardware was missing.   I had plenty in my coffee can of loose screws and hardware.   Along with all the batteries, that can of random fasteners has saved the day more than once. Now the guys can stand under it and get some of the chill off.  Later I’ll take it down to the dock to bolster my fire ring at night.  I was going to grab one of the full sized ones from the house, but didn’t have time.  Maybe later.

Always be working the plan.  Always be stacking…


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