Day: October 27, 2022

Thur. Oct. 27, 2022 – get down with your bad self

Cold again, warming later.   It did get up into the high 80s yesterday, with a nice clear blue sky, so I’m hoping for the same today.

I spent part of yesterday online, then part doing auction pickups.  This time it was mostly just household stuff, Dawn dish soap, Windex, gloves, Clorox cleaner, and a few tools to take to the BOL.  And another Toto Drake toilet bowl.  I can’t say no to Toto toilets for less than $20 even without the tank.  One will come, or I’ll order one on ebay if I need to and then I’ll have a $300-$600 toilet to install.

I made it home in the late afternoon and worked on my Halloween display.  It is shaping up to be cool, which is what I want.  I find it to be a great creative outlet, and a great thing to be known for in our neighborhood.   The best disguise is one that doesn’t even look like a disguise.

I had the opportunity to move a few things on my food shelves.   There have been depredations and spoilage, caused by the possums.  Now I’ll have to spend some time cleaning that stuff up.   Most of it was really aging out anyway.  I’m the king of keeping food past its date, but some stuff really doesn’t last well.   Mac n cheese in the box, for example.  Country Time lemonade powder, or gatoraide powder, powdered cream, powders in general, don’t last forever.  They are usually good for about a year past Best By, and they probably won’t kill you, but they don’t taste good at that point.

Plan for the day is more of the same.   Maybe with some small engine repair mixed in.   Definitely some auction stuff mixed in.   Have to pick the kids up from school which cuts my afternoon short, so we’ll see what gets done.

There will be stacking, even if it’s just goodwill…


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