Day: October 23, 2022

Sun. Oct. 23, 2022 – headed home later

Sunny and moderate, another day in paradise.  Other than the stiff wind, like gusting to 30 or 40 mph, yesterday was beautiful.  Lots of little flying bugs though.  Not just skeeters, but some little thing that flies up your nose too.   Wearing a headlamp at night is contra-indicated.

Spent the day moving slow and taking it easy.   All the time on the lawn tractor moving dirt, concrete, and root debris beat me up.   The more time I spend riding that thing, getting all shook up, the more I hurt the next day.

So I took it easy but kept moving.   Got the gas line to the furnace installed.   The gas to the dryer is the next thing, but our current dryer is electric so priority is low.  Getting the furnace online was a major task on the list, and is now completed.

Since I spent the afternoon talking fishing with my neighbor, I didn’t get the hall bath toilet installed.   That is on the list for today.  Then packing up, getting the house ready, and heading home comes after…

Wife and kids are coming home from camp in the afternoon, and I’m shooting to be home for dinner.

All in all a successful couple of weeks up here.  Time to catch up on some stuff at home though.  Starting  with meeting the plumber at the rent house Monday morning…

Stack all the things.   Meet all the people.   Always be working.


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