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Mon. Aug. 5, 2019 – home free

Sunny and hot today, I assume. I’m hopefully still in bed. My back hurts and my neck is sore and stiff from all the unfamiliar beds and pillows this past week. I’ll be doing some security upgrades around the house, … Continue reading

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Fri. Feb. 15, 2019 – just like that, another week gone

62F and pretty damp this am… Going on 60Minutes and talking about your conspiracy to remove the President from office is a pretty big deal….taking steps to do so is treason. Either we take this sort of thing seriously and … Continue reading

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Tues. Nov. 20, 2018 – maybe it’s already started…

44F and damp this morning. Dreary. With the current stock market turmoil, and all the down days, I’m beginning to think the next meltdown has started. We’re way overdue. Looking at the charts for 2008, there was a lot of … Continue reading

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Fri. July 20, 2018 – busy week

Another hot one, 80F at 6am. Forecast for record heat. Whether we’re swirling around the edge of the toilet bowl, or at the dawn of a new age, it’s pretty clear that big changes are happening in the world. The … Continue reading

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Thur. June 28, 2018 – what again??

79F at 720 says “yes again, and harder too” for Houston. I didn’t link directly to this story when it was reported, because I was waiting for more info, like why he was targeted at 330am. But now I’ll link … Continue reading

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Fri. June 1, 2018 – summer and hurricane season are here…

A bit warmer today, with 79F and 87%RH this morning. Clear blue skies and sunny. Ah, summer. Hurricane season is kicking off here in the Gulf Region (I know, RBT, I know), so it’s time to ramp up the seasonal … Continue reading

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