Day: October 31, 2022

Mon. Oct. 31, 2022 – Happy Halloween!

Cool, and damp, but hopefully we will stay outside the T storm zone for the day and night.

I spent a gorgeous day yesterday working in the yard on my display.   Had chats with several neighbors, and even met some new ones that just moved in one street over.   I love that people will come by and get an emotional boost when they see the display.  I love the opening it gives me to talk with  my neighbors.   I even like the pressure it puts on the neighbors on the street to decorate their own houses.   We’re better as a neighborhood when we are participating in the same events, and a traditional night out for Halloween is a part of our culture I want to preserve and have other kids experience.  And it gives me an opportunity to exercise some of my old work and school skills and do something creative and fun.

Meatspace baby.

Today will be spent putting the finishing touches on the display, adding the more delicate or steal-able elements, and getting a few more gags out of the attic and on display.   I’m leaving some of my old standbys in the boxes this year.  They’ll be all the more fun next year for having had a break.

Other than building community, it’s a break from my normal prepping activities too.   Sometimes, you need a break, or at least a shift in focus.  This is a nice one.

Take a minute to meet a neighbor today.   Even if you aren’t handing out candy, or don’t decorate, try to connect to your community, even if it’s just a wave hello.

And of course, stack something…


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