Sat. April 11, 2020 – gonna be Easter soon, hope the bunny is ‘essential’


Cool and clear, rain in the forecast.

Did not get as much done I hoped. Spent time reading fiction during the day. I don’t usually do that, because I’d get nothing done at all if it became a habit.

I did get a low voltage power line run through the attic to the back of the house. I got the IR emitter hung and thought everything was good to go. Unfortunately, I’m not seeing much IR in the camera image at night. There is a BIT of foliage, but not enough. Maybe the camera doesn’t have good IR capability. In any case, not the slam dunk I hoped for. (Looking at a different camera with good IR capability, it looks like a floodlight is on, so I think it’s the camera. Bummer. One more thing to look at changing.) In the process though, I found a setting that needed to be changed on the other camera that is looking at my front porch, so net-net it was a positive.

Started to get kinda warm up in the attic in the afternoon, despite the cooler outdoor temps. I managed to run another network line for new camera number two, if I can find a good way to mount it on my chimney. It’s the other new 8mpx camera to cover the other end of my street. With possibly sketchy neighbors on that side, I would like to have more coverage of the street. Camera’s not doing anyone any good sitting in a box, I might as well hang it.

Still have a lot of outdoor stuff to do, so I’m hoping the rain holds off again.

Dinner was leftovers. Wasting food is a lot more of an issue when you’re in a lifeboat…. which is the metaphor I’ve been using with the kids.

Take a bit of a break this weekend. Recharge mentally and physically. Do something nice with your other shut-ins….

Stay in, stay safe.



Tues. Feb. 11, 2020 – so much to do

Warmish and wet. [not so much, front moved in, 50F and dripping this am]

Had overcast all day but didn’t get any rain until after 9pm, and it didn’t last long.

Spent the afternoon running around doing pickups and drop offs. So much stuff to do normally, and I’m also trying to step up my preps.

I’m going to try to fit in a Costco run today with all the other stuff going on.

I’ve been a bit casual checking my email lately. I’ve got my reader open to my sales addy, hoping to see orders coming in… so I was very pleasantly surprised to see a note from Barbara.

It was in regard to our discussion of Bob’s works in progress. She didn’t want to pursue the fiction book, and had this to say–

The best prepping insights from Bob are what he posted on the site.

All of his previous science and computer books are now pretty much out of date. Those that are still in print can be found on the O’Reilly site.

I want to thank you, Rick, and all of the readers on Daynotes for keeping his ideas and memories alive.


I’m sure I speak for all of us saying “Thank You” to Barbara for supporting our continued efforts here. It’s a unique place on the web, due to Bob and the readers he attracted. It’s been a daily part of my life, and I’d miss it enormously.

Now, off to work. Go forth and prep, because it’s bad, and it will be getting worse.


Friday, 17 June 2016

12:47 – Barbara is down in Winston today running errands. I’m working on kit stuff. We got another quarter inch of rain overnight. Colin is terrified when it rains heavily, presumably because he knows that lightning and thunder is likely. He’ll just have to get used to it, because we have lots of rain, wind, and thunderstorms here in Sparta. Dinner will be leftover chicken tetrazzini with homemade bread. Colin will like that.

This is the time of year when cases of bottles start arriving in droves. I ordered 6,000 30 mL bottles and caps Tuesday. They should arrive sometime today. Once we get those labeled and filled, it’ll be lather, rinse, and repeat until we’re ready for the autumn rush.

Here’s a link to a PDF of a chapter in the prepping book I just finished the first draft of this morning. I haven’t even read through the chapter, so it’s probably a mess. The chapter naming starts with a three-digit number–007, 030, or 365–to indicate whether it’s in the first section (prepping for a week), the second section (a month), or the third (a year). The second number, in the form Cxxx, indicates the provisional chapter number within the book as a whole. This is an early chapter, but I have nearly all of the book in progress at this point.

If you’re interested, please read through it and tell me what you think. All comments are welcome, and many of them will no doubt influence the final form of the book, although obviously I can’t promise to incorporate every suggestion. Please send your comments to me via email, with the chapter title–030-C004-Water-for-a-Month–as the subject line. I’m sure I’ll get a ton of comments on these chapters, so I won’t acknowledge any of the comment emails unless I need clarification.