Mon. Jan. 18, 2020 – I was dreamin’ when I wrote this, so ‘scuse me if it goes astray..

Cold clear, and some sunny.

Yesterday it was the same in Houston, as in my (possible) new undisclosed location, well, maybe a couple of degrees cooler.  Felt nice there with Chamber of Commerce ™ weather.

I was literally asleep in my chair at my desk, writing this post in my head.  (I don’t know what Prince was doing when he wrote the lyric.)

It all made a ton of sense.  Then I woke up.  Somehow I feel like torturing the idea to fit this week.   Troops in DC.   Troops in state Capitols (does capitol get a capital?)  Someone with Mad Skilz ™ in graphic arts re-spinning a commie work of propaganda from just a few weeks ago to make the most obvious trap since giant talking fish came out of hyperspace over Endor….  when will it end?

Not with the Inauguration of the “‘scrapper’ from Scranton”, or whatever post industrial filth hole he occasionally flies over.

Not with the crowning of the first (kinda) black woman President.

Not even with her death in the ensuing revolt.

I don’t think you CAN pull back at this point.  I think the only way through is through.  And that is going to take a while.

We’re in for a long slog.  Stack accordingly.



Kids are home because a adulterous philanderer got himself shot over something.  His cause, noble as it might have been was hijacked and diverted and subverted until we have the fun house mirror version of freedom his people enjoy today.  Think twice, and then a third time before attempting any discussion of the day in comments.  There’s no way that will end well when the thought police find what you wrote.  Especially if you’re honest, and quote statistics.

Wed. Jan. 13, 2021 – Friday the 13th comes on a Wednesday this month

Cold,but warming up, clear and dry.

Yesterday stayed cool after a very cold start.  It was dry but so cool, stuff didn’t really dry out.   Today it’s coming down no matter what.  Time to get the yard decor in.

Spent most of yesterday afternoon driving around for pickups.  Got a couple of gub accessories, a major piece of our ongoing bathroom project, and gallons of hand sanitizer.  Some other cleaning and plumbing stuff too.

My dog is looking a bit better.   We’ve been jamming food into him whenever he’ll eat.  He was pretty perky when the chicken breast came out for his dinner tonight, but he is spending most of his time sleeping or just lying down.  His two repaired knee joints can’t be feeling great with the cold and damp, mine certainly don’t.  Pain killers seem to be in order, but my wife isn’t seeing outward signs of pain and she’s worried about drug interactions so today I hope she’ll get the reassurance she needs from the vet.

I wish there was someone I could call and get some assurance the country will even make it to the inauguration.  They are moving VERY fast to tie up their ‘win’ and shut down opposition before it can really get going.   They definitely don’t want Trump around as a rallying point or gadfly for the next four years.   They want him tied up, locked up, or buried.  The absolute perfect setup for a false flag attack is coming up and I’m very concerned.  They are already laying the groundwork.

The tech companies are lining up to serve their new masters.  Go Daddy should be treated like a landlord, along with all the other registrars and hosts.  It should be illegal for them to discriminate, if it’s not already. was just the first, they won’t be the last.   Go Daddy is my personal registrar and host, and I need some advice on someone solid to use instead.  I’ve got stuff renewing soon that I would like to move.  It sucks because I’ve been a fan of theirs since they started outside of Tempe AZ all those years ago, and a customer for over a decade.  I have several inactive domains, one work domain with email, one family domain with hosted WP site (that could go away if the domain stayed.)    The business domain and email are the most important things to me.  I would like to hang on to all the domains, but I’m getting tired of paying for privacy.  Most are .com, with a couple variations to protect my name and business name.  I just registered the flandrey domains as backup, and now I need to move them.  FFS.

I see a real lack of contingency planning around a Trump loss on the right.  Doesn’t inspire confidence.  The Republican party reaction doesn’t surprise me at all though.  Trump was never a party Republican.  They never wanted him and can’t wait to get rid of him.  He threatened a lot of rice bowls (hah, see what I did to amuse you, china! FTW!)  Just how many of our congressmen and business  leaders are married or shacked up with chinese women anyway?

If people do push back, and someone will, it’s going to get REALLY ugly real quick.  Too many 3 letters are already corrupted and working against conservatives (remember the IRS and charitable status?).   The rest will jump on the bandwagon if it gets going.  That won’t be fun.

Priorities should be having the basics to cover an extended period of disruptions.  In EVERY account I’ve read of war or prolonged conflict, the people end up eating grass because they’ve eaten everything else.  After food, water, meds, and defense, comms are going to be an issue.  Samizdat is going to be making a comeback, albeit in new forms.  Beyond that, I can’t really say.  Everything technological is subject to eavesdropping, well poisoning, and the equivalent of direction finding.   There are a lot of clever people out there and something will rise to the surface.   If you think I’m nuts, I’ve got literally a page of headlines from this week alone that suggest otherwise, so you’ll have to do more than make assertions.  I was listening to NPR on the radio while driving around and even THEY can see that a civil war is imminent.

I’m continuing with my life as normal, kids’ school, house remodel, ebay sales, because going dark is just as telling as going active.  I’ve always done my prepping alongside my normal life anyway.  And there is no point in shutting down-the internet archives, and the three lette r s have been hoovering up data the whole time.

We’re barely two weeks into 2021 and it’s already insane.  Avoid crowds.  Don’t get on the bus.   Stack it high and deep, and in more than one place.



~800 words, right on schedule.

Sun. Jan. 10, 2021 – it continues to get worse

Cold.  Supposed to be rainy.

Yesterday was cool to cold all day but was sunny and dry.

I did get my pickup done, and went by my secondary to do some  more clean up and to get ready to go back over there later today.

Then I got home and looked at the news, and HOLY FREAKING HELL.   The control freaks are moving FAST.  EVERYONE should be condemning this.  What goes around comes around, and someone once said, never ask for a power for yourself that you wouldn’t like  your worst enemy have.  I guess they think this is the end of history.   In their mad rush to power, and you can’t really describe it as anything else, they are doing even more damage to the social norms that made this country great and they are glorying in it.   Does no one see the parallels to the worst regimes in history?

We were sliding down the slope toward the cliff, but now they are running as fast as they can towards it.  NO WAY does this end well.  The boot is coming down.  If you think I’m crazy, or overly dramatic, please make your case in the comments.  NOT just assertions.   An actual reasoned case.   I’d LOVE some reassurance right now.  Every thing they’ve done in the last few days makes it even more certain that there is no way to avoid the violence and bloodshed.

Speaking of avoiding bloodshed, where is the Elder Statesman ™ hoof in mouth Joe urging calm, praising free speech, lauding tolerance, and taking control of the party?  Are you really gonna love his presidency?  All 3 months of it?  Was getting rid of Trump worth empowering Pelosi?  Waters?  Kammella?  Look up Pyrrhic Victory so you’ll understand what you’ve done, when there is nothing left worth fighting over.

Anyone actually had eyes on Trump in the last day or two?  Is the staff at his home gearing up?  Secret Service barracks getting a good brush up?  Something ain’t right.  He should be spitting nails.

And are we really going to let them gaslight the nation?  There was NO call for insurrection, let alone a call for ARMED insurrection.  There were 10s of thousands of people at that rally that did NOTHING MORE than stand around on the grass.  Where is the video of demagogue Trump calling for armed insurrection?  If they had anything at all we’d be seeing it non-stop to convict him in the press.

Anyone out there who was still on the fence about whether conservative voices were being suppressed in the public square should be pretty well convinced of the truth of it now.  Kinda too late though.  They will come for you though eventually, given enough time.  It’s what they do.  What they ALWAYS do.

Anyone who couldn’t see the hypocrisy of the left should see it clearly now.  A baker has to serve all customers, but twitter/facebook/amazon/go daddy don’t.   They can object to  words, and not even the customer’s words, but third party words their customer can’t/won’t/ and SHOULDN’T police* and deny them the same service they offer to others.   Many of those others engage in much more violent rhetoric, so we know that words about violence are not the issue.  No one is more filled with hate than the leadership of Iran, and yet they still have a voice.  Violent leftist thugs use social media to organize rioting and crime sprees, raise funds, and spread their message of hate for others without censure from the ‘platforms.’

Remember the bit about how things change very slowly until they change all at once?   People ended their work day Friday, and when they start back up tomorrow, look at the change.   Consider the last year.  And consider the last week.  Seriously take a step back and look at it, thing about what you were doing at various points, and what you were reading about.  Compare that to today, where ONE GUY has decided that he can and should control what the President of the United States gets to say and who he gets to say it to.  That’s some big balls, but he’s getting away with it for now.  And when the President DOES try to move in the ‘free market’ to another, friendlier platform that would welcome him?  Nope.  Sorry not sorry.  We don’t want your kind in our place, and we don’t want your kind in any other place either.

The media blitz has been so intense, that even through the tiny little hole that I use to view it, there were a couple of times when I thought “what if this, or what if that?” and then I thought about the people involved, and thought “almost got me, but then I remembered who you were”.  If it could happen to me, it’s happening to others too.  Help your friends, ask them questions to lead them to it, telling them won’t help at all. * *

When I looked up this quote (I do do SOME fact checking/research/confirmations while writing) I found that Trump re-tweeted it after he was exonerated in the impeachment sham.   “When you strike at the King, you must kill him.” -RWEmerson.  That was February.    How unfortunate and ironic then that Trump struck at King Deep State, but didn’t kill him.

I’ll have a bunch to say about prepping issues coming up.  There is nothing this mouse can do now that the elephants are dancing, except to stock my bolthole and pull my  head in (figuratively, and a bit literally).

Don’t forget that we are in the midst of a massive increase in sick people too.  The wuflu hasn’t gone away, and while the percentage is small, when enough people  get it, even that tiny percentage with bad issues will get to be a really big number.

And I discovered that the NSAID I take daily for back pain is a fever suppressor as well, so I probably shouldn’t be quite so sanguine about my lack of fever when I’m coughing and headache-y.

In the mean time, avoid crowds, figure out what you have and what you need, and get to work stacking up needful things.



*Note that this website and most other websites are not services.  You are not customers here.  (especially here, where you are friends and colleagues) No one here is under any obligation to provide anything other than courtesy, and that obligation is self imposed.  Trolls be warned.


** “Why on earth would the capitol cops move the barricades and let the people in if there was a riot?  Why wasn’t one of the most important and secure areas of our government guarded on this day of all days?  Why would someone as experience and seasoned as Pelosi leave her computer on and logged in if she was afraid the building would be overrun?  How many fires were there?  How many businesses were burned to the ground and looted during this ‘riot’?  Why are the headlines suggesting the rioters killed 4 people when two were medical emergencies -a stroke and a heart attack- one was an unarmed woman killed by cops, and the fourth was accidentally trampled or crushed in a crowd?”  Any one of these should plant a seed.


Sat. Jan. 9, 2021 – so much bad stuff coming down the pike

Cold, and maybe wet too.  Can’t wait to find out.

Cold all day Friday.  I wore long pants and a fleece jacket except when I was active.  Chilly willy.  39F when I went to bed.

I did make my drop off.  I’ve made arrangements for another load of stuff on Monday or Tuesday too.

Today I’ve got all the usual weekend stuff, plus taking down the Christmas decor if it’s not wet out.  I’ve got a couple of pickups too.  They are radio related items so they do still fit into my new restrictions on what I’m buying.  It needs to contribute to our survival, or be immediately re-sellable to contribute to our economic survival.  I’ll probably stretch those rules but that is my new baseline.

I don’t know what the timeline is but I feel like it’s getting shorter.  The cries for retribution against the right will not get quieter after the inauguration.   If anything they’ll get louder.  They have already called for Trump’s resignation, arrest, prosecution, and have shut off his access to the social media that was his counter to the MSM and a way to go directly to the people without filter.  There have been calls to expel the congressmen who supported OUR SITTING PRESIDENT.  There are calls to go after their families- with law-fare at this point.  There have been calls to ‘cleanse’ America of Trump supporters.  To re-educate them.   To deplatform, hound out of work, and attack in their homes.  THAT MEANS ME by the way.

I’m taking this very personally.  I didn’t LIKE Trump, but I SUPPORTED him.  That means that it’s ME and MY family that they are howling for.  Many of you  too.  It’s not some straw man or the imaginary boogie man, it’s YOU- Trump supporter.  And demagogues rarely indulge in subtlety.  They are really more ‘all or nothing’.    If you showed ANY support at any time for any reason, they mean YOU.  Sure, it’s not all of them, but you don’t have to worry about the ones that DON’T hate you, there are plenty that do.   And a whole bunch of people are going to hate you when the economy collapses because you supported the bad man who DESTROYED AMERICA ON THE WORST DAY EVER.  I sure hope I’m wrong, but I haven’t lived here on the Gulf just ‘hoping’ the hurricanes wouldn’t come.

The flip side of this howling for blood from the left is 70 MILLION voters who think their votes were negated, and an election stolen.  IT DOESN’T MATTER IF IT’S TRUE.  I see elsewhere and even here people still going back and forth over this point.  It’s DONE and it no longer matters that YOU don’t think there was fraud.  A REALLY BIG percentage of those 70 million DO.  THEY ARE GOING TO ACT as if it IS TRUE.   I really can’t emphasize enough that the time for debate is over.  Accept the fact the election was stolen or don’t, it doesn’t matter.   What matters NOW is the continued belief that it was, and the actions of the left as they seize any opportunity to attack the right while they have a chance.

We’ve already seen that the left has boots on the ground that are willing and able to commit violence.  We’ve seen neighborhoods destroyed, buildings burned, cops attacked with projectiles, fire, blinding weapons, chemicals, and explosives.  In 2018 we saw them occupy the very same capitol building, only with hundreds of people, to intimidate lawmakers.  They have been gearing up for this time for YEARS.  They see this as the culmination of their hard work and sacrifice.   They WANT this craziness.

What you may or may not understand is the way a large number of those 70 million Trump voters feel.  In addition to seeing the left attack everything they hold dear and GET AWAY WITH IT, they feel like this commentor over at Aesop’s…

DeWalt said…

Watched a young Air Force vet, a woman and mother get executed by some coward because she thought she should stand up for her country, for her oath.

Four tours of duty and she died drowning in her own blood on the floor in the nations capital that she Honorably served. Words escape me.

If you are more prepper, or programmer than “patriot” (here on the web) you might not know the history and ideas that are prevalent in the ‘patriot movement’, 3%ers, Oathkeepers, militia, or other parts of the ‘liberty-sphere’.   If you can’t discuss Randy Weaver and Ruby Ridge, David Koresh and the ATF at Waco (without mentioning religion or the word ‘cult’), and Ammon Bundy and the Malheur Wildlife Refuge; and you don’t understand why the deaths in these places, by the hands of our government, ENRAGE those people, you need to do some reading.  You need the context.  You need to at least be aware of the Venn diagram for these groups and their shared narrative.   Otherwise, you might not believe the warnings. 

One guy had all of LA county’s LEOs running around like their pants were on fire, shooting up innocents.   Two guys had the DC area living in fear of catching a random sniper round.  One guy in Dallas killed five cops and injured 9 others and two civilians.  Two guys and some fireworks packed into a pot killed 3, wounded over 250 more and triggered authorities to throw any notion that the people of Boston were citizens with rights into the trash.  I could go on in this vein for PAGES.

If ONE TENTH of ONE PERCENT of that 70 million decide to act, all hell will break loose.  Do the math.  It’s nearly 1 in 10 for every  sworn law enforcement officer IN THE ENTIRE NATION.  So, what’s 1% of 70 million?  Think there won’t be violence?  How long will it be, before those numbers start to sink in for the people inclined to act?

When I hear people calling for me and my neighbors to be hounded out of work, school, and the public square; to be ‘cleansed’ from America; to be denied a representative in government; I BELIEVE THEM.  I BELIEVE THAT IS IN FACT WHAT THEY WANT.  I believe that they will DO IT if they have the power.

That’s the question then.  Do they have the power?  If not, can we count on them not getting it in the future?

This has focused my mind tremendously.  On top of all the other cr@p that 2020 dumped on us, now we have this.  Think HARD about what it means to you personally to be a potential target of the howling mob.   Get yourself ready.  Decide what you need and keep stacking it.


Mon. Dec. 21, 2020 – 12212020, kinda cool.

Cool and clear, maybe a chance to dry out.

Yesterday was beautiful.  Clear, sunny, blue sky.

I did get over to my secondary location and threw out a bunch of stuff.  I filled one big dumpster, and part of another.  Took three loads in the Ranger to shuttle it to the trash.  I had to cut it into 2-3 foot pieces to get it out, since I didn’t want to spend more time on the forklift.   I’m making progress.  Slow but still progress.  Of course today I’ll be paying the piper with sore muscles and scrapes that burn.  Both forearms and my shins are scraped up.  I’ll live.

Number one daughter gets her first orthodontia installed today.  Oh my.  Half way through 6th grade.   Seems early to me but I’ll let the pros make that call.  It’s come a long way since I had mine done.

I’ve got a bunch of stuff to pick up today and some to drop off.  About four more bins worth and still barely a difference… but it’s progress.  Pickups are mostly household and Christmas stuff, but there are some gub parts and accessories.   Several boxes of 3m respirator filters.  GOJO dispenser refills.  Some other stuff.

Still need to get some Christmas lights and decor up outside.   I got the ‘base layer’ up, but there is more cool stuff to do, if the weather will just hold for long enough.

There’s something wrong with the wuflu numbers coming out of Cali.  If they were at capacity last time around, and now we’re double that, but still not maxed out, someone is lying, or the reporting sucks.  Or, embrace the power of ‘and’.  Not sure, don’t care enough to dig, but I’m calling shenanigans.  Don’t get me wrong, I believe Aesop as ‘boots on the ground’ about the reality and severity of the problem, but something doesn’t add up.   As I’ve said before, I’m treating this as the disaster is HERE, so do what needs doing to deal with that reality.  No point in looking at storm tracks and models anymore, LOTS of reason to clean up the yard and fuel up the gennie, so to speak.  The pebble is in motion, the avalanche is coming, everything moving will continue to do so until they all come to rest.  I don’t see that happening for a long time.

The election and transfer of government happens next, or doesn’t.  Again, nothing I can do to affect that, so work the things I can.  The vaccine rollout and the surge are going to come crashing together for the next month or three at least.   The possible mutation in Europe and round two of the CV lockdowns will be sloshing around for at least a couple of months, possibly followed by vaccine v.2…  but in any case people are not going to stay home without a LOT of fear, more than anything to date.     That fear is going to have to be based in at least the appearance of truth, and it’s going to have to be convincing.  All this points to more extremism on every front.

If Biden is sworn in all bets are off.  SJW will be emboldened and the cries for blood will be loud.  The right will be very upset.  Whether that will translate into action is a good question.  It depends on the left and what they do.  If Biden doesn’t survive in office past March, expect it to be turned up to 11.

If Trump is sworn in some bets will pay some very long odds.   And the left will explode in rage.  That much I feel confident saying.  The right will say “come get some” and then we risk losing it all.

No matter which happens, it won’t be fun for most of us.

I’m thinking that we need to be ready to pull back, reduce our exposure, keep our heads down, but be ready for when that fails to protect us.


Whatever happens, having food in the fridge won’t hurt.  Ditto for lawyers, guns, and money.  And friends.  And skills.  And health.  And stacks.  Keep stacking.



Sat. Dec. 12, 2020 – getting close to Christmas….

Cool, wet, maybe rain.

Yesterday got pretty wet late in the afternoon.  The forecast called for about .2 inches, and I’m not sure what we ended up getting, but it was cats and dogs for a while.

A couple of things conspired against me and my list.  My wife had errands to run, which I didn’t expect.  That kept me home until 2pm.  I got one pickup and one drop off done.  Didn’t get my settlement from last week’s auction, the auctioneer was having a company meeting.  I should get a check in the mail from the industrial auction some time next week.  That’s good news.

The other thing was the rain.  Pouring rain meant no Christmas decor went up.  Stuff is slipping like Fox’s ratings.

While I was waiting for my wife to get back I wasn’t UN-productive.  I cut my hair.  Went through some more stuff and put it in the auction box.   I pulled two parts and shipped them for an ebay sale.  Tested some stuff with an eye toward listing it or sending it to auction.  Tried to test an XBox360 and discovered I was missing the IEC cordset.  M$ doesn’t use a normal cord, theirs has a ‘key’ at the bottom.  I went through a box of cords and didn’t find one.  But I just need to test it so I got out a gouge and made my own key slot.  FTW!  Didn’t get a chance to use it yet.  I’m sure it will need some additional “adjusting”.

Today is the monthly meeting of my non-prepping hobby.  I think I would like to go.   I’m feeling ok, it’s probably raining so I can’t work outside, and I miss the club.  Seems dumb to have waited until the numbers are all record high to finally break down and meet but that is the state of the state.  Nothing makes sense or feels right.

Later today I need to break down and vac seal and freeze all the meat I bought this week.  Costco was out of turkeys by the time my shopper got there.  They were showing stock when I ordered.  The price was good so I guess they ‘flew’ out of the store.  Instead, I got a lamb roast for Christmas dinner.  I think I’ll cook the whole 6 pounds instead of breaking it down to halves.  Then we’ll have yummy leftovers.  Normally I’d be thinking about a ham, or maybe a ribeye roast, but my wife suggested the lamb.  Since we all love it, it was a no-brainer.  I think there are some traditions that involve lamb at Christmas, just not in our families.   Lamb is a good choice for economy- you can get very good lamb for the same price as mediocre beef, or at least we can get it here.  If we were post-apocalyptic, lamb and sheep would be front and center on the farm, just as they were throughout history.  Very useful animal, your sheep.

Protein in the freezer.  Veg in cans.  Pasta, and the stuff to make bread in buckets.  Ammo in cans.  Gubs in the safe.  That all feels pretty good, but I’m still anxious.  I checked the ammo sales, and nobody had any.  PSA had almost nothing at all in stock.  What they had was really unusual calibers, big game rifle ammo, and blanks.  Some was $5/rnd, most was over $1/rnd.  They might have had one or two boxes of bastard stepchild pistol ammo- cowboy revolvers, and .32 cal.   It’s getting short out there.

And time is getting short too.  The holidays are keeping some stuff under control.  The election stuff hasn’t played out yet, but it’s looking more like Sleepy Joe and the town bike every day.  Legitimate election or not, his policies will not be good for you and I.  That should be terrifying everyone much more than ‘Orangeman bad’.  I can only hope that he’s stymied at every turn, but based on their RINO history and never Trump activism, I bet that ‘in the interest of healing our nation’ there is a flurry of cross aisle cooperation.  If you think “it won’t be that bad, we’ll survive it like everything else”, I’d like to point out that we didn’t ‘survive’ it.  Compare today to 20 years ago, 40, 60.  Culturally and politically we are not living in the same country we were born to. *

Maybe it’s because I’ve got young kids, but I’m appalled at what we’re building for them.   That deserves a whole long post of it’s own, and I’ve got other stuff higher on my list.

Check your list.  Check your assumptions.  Check your stack.  Check your gear.  Check your friends and acquaintances.  And keep stacking.



*for a perfect example, consider the band 2livecrew and the massive outcry and censorship of their album and song, ‘Me so horny’.  Now consider the song WAP, for which Cardi B is widely lauded.  The official video on youtube has 300 million views, the audio released first has 181 million.  Dozens of other versions have 10s of millions of views.  The song is flat out obscenity.  There is a radio edit.  It gets airplay.  I’m not linking to the vids, it’s bad enough reading the lyrics.  People think it’s FUNNY.  If you feel compelled to listen to it, watch the vid of the girl signing it.  ‘wap cardi b sign language’ None of it is SFW.  Every aspect of our culture has been degraded.  Every one of our freedoms has been limited.  And it all happened a little bit at a time.


Wed. Dec. 9, 2020 – up late, tired, stuff to do

Cool and windy, still damp.

I did get a few things done yesterday.  I didn’t do plumbing at the rent house (tenant nixed the plan, had critical zoom meetings), I didn’t take another load to the auctioneer, and I only got some of the Christmas lights up.

I did get some stuff put away in the garage.  So that helps somewhat.  And did laundry, cooked dinner, fed the child lunch, answered math questions, and other general domestic bliss.  Still didn’t get groceries ordered.

All but the plumbing slips to today.  Joy.

Time to do a big push.

All of you were busy as beavers getting ready for the coming troubles, so I know I don’t even have to say it… but I will.  Keep stacking.  Work harder.  Lord knows I need to.



Sun. Nov. 8, 2020 – like lambs to the slaughter

Cool, damp, sunny later.

Nice day on Saturday.  I did some things, picked up some things, bid on some things, and received some things I ordered.

Spent some time at my secondary working to free up space.  I realized that both of my local auction houses have basically said what I gave them is all they’re taking until next year.  Also, from Thanksgiving to February ebay sales have always been slow for me.  That means if I want to get the stuff out of my house, I need to either have an auction of my own, move some to my secondary and storage, or take a bunch to a listing service.  Or just start scrapping out what I can.  Or I embrace the power of and…

I will say I’m filled with anxiety.  The number of people celebrating the end of honest elections in the US is frankly terrifying.  Their willingness to overlook obvious problems, discount what the actual law and procedure say, and accept the biased media line they’re being fed doesn’t bode well for the future.  They’re well trained sheep, herded whatever direction the shepherd wants them to move.  Outrage on tap, denunciations, two minute hates- the whole shebang.   What’s the difference between a happy mob in the street and an unhappy mob?  Still a mob.  Still a wild animal, barely under control.

What have we already seen?  NATIONAL movements to deify career criminals, and demonize cops.  Mobs chanting “Death to America” in our cities.   Tide pod and other dangerous and idiotic challenges sweep across social media.  Freaking “13 Reasons Why” on television.  Blue whale on the internet.  FFS.  MTV broke the nation’s ability to concentrate and facebook, twitter, tiktok, et al broke the ability to think of consequences past 5 minutes of cut rate fame.

The biased media reports on the crooked count and people line up in the streets to celebrate.  Which, BTW, apparently means hounding people out of their homes…  It’s been only a few days.  The conditioning to expect instant and omniscient results has worked.  The mob acts like they think Trump will leave tomorrow and their new king will be crowned on Tuesday.

The left is already calling for ‘accountability’ and tracking of Trump supporters.  I feel like I’m suddenly in the USSR.  I know what an “accountability file” means when the far right uses it.  I’m pretty sure it means the same to the left.  And what it means in practice is imprisonment, impoverishment, and extra judicial killings.  Every single time.

I’m going to go out on a limb and say that we have until February at the latest before the shooting starts in earnest.*   It’ll be kooks at first, or victims of the mob, but  singletons.  Then it’ll be sneaky but still basically suicide with no real hope of getting away with it.  THEN it’ll go pro.   I REALLY hope I’m wrong.  I really hope there are people on their side to calm the murderous masses.  I really hope the people on our side decide to live and fight another day.  I guess that will depend on how bad it gets, and how quickly.

I’ll also bet that they are calling for Trump to resign and ‘make way’ before the end of the coming week.   They’ll want to keep the momentum up before the law can catch up with the cheating.  They might use mobs in the street and threat of violence so Trump can resign to ‘calm passions’ ‘for the good of the nation’…  no one will want to hear a word about Hunter either, he’s going to get away with it.

Biden couldn’t even get through his first speech without a ‘gaffe’.   He won’t last until the Ides of March.  I’d put a case of Mountain House on that bet.**

There are people saying “it’s not that bad, he won’t have the Senate, it’ll be gridlock” and “he’ll suck so bad we’ll get it back in 4 years”.   Except we won’t.   The fix is in.  If they get away with it this time it will be worse next time.  And think about this, Ol’ Joe wakes up dead in February and the world mourns the passing of an elder statesman, just like drunken killer Kennedy… and we have Harris for 8 years, and her hand picked vice, AOC or the Iman, for 8 more after that.  The Mean Girls ™ will be armed with the full power of the bigcorps, and three letter agencies.  A weaponized IRS denying tax exempt status will seem so quaint, if any of the dirt people can even remember that.  It certainly won’t be in any of the online ‘learner tools’…

Long before those 16 years are up, we’ll be fighting for independence again.  I’ll have my Republic of Texas passport after all.  It’ll be printed in Spanish.

Keep stacking.



*by ‘shooting’ I mean armed violence, could be shooting, or arson, or bombings

** guess what it was before I changed it for sounding like a vague threat

Mon. Oct. 12, 2020 – Columbus Day.

Hot and humid.  Because why not?

Happy Columbus Day.  Without whom we might still be serfs in Europe.  And because FYTW.

The air was saturated all day Sunday, to the point that water in the driveway didn’t dry.

I worked on little things all day.  Got ready for the roofers.  Did some stuff in the house to make my wife happier.   Did a little bit of stuff in the garage.  Set another rat trap for whatever is roaming my food shelves.  There was gnawing on a bucket overnight so the visitor is still coming.  Nothing in the glue traps, so I moved them around a bit.  I’ll add more if the problem doesn’t resolve itself in a day or two.  I may add more anyway.

Spent an hour in the pool with the family.  It was a good day.

I’m starting to see stuff online that is adding to my concerns about the insurgency.  People are noticing and identifying the Command and Control structure for the socialists driving the protests and riots.  Well, not the structure, but that there is one.  Things are starting to show up in the live streams, and during the incidents that are clear indicators to people who know what to look for.   There is an organization at work.   They are training.  They are supplying.  They are escalating.  They are exploring tactics.   The latest incident is the “security guard” shooting a ‘patriot’ protester in the face and killing him.

There is evidence that the security guard/ bodyguard is more than he seems, or at least a fellow traveler.   There is some video that looks suspiciously like the event was instigated and controlled and provoked.  What happens with the guy next should be revelatory.  Spicy times are here for some people and in some places.  Don’t be there applies.

What would your life look like if your movements were constrained by real, well considered fear/concern over being physically attacked in public if you just happened to be in the wrong place?  The baying mob can make your supermarket a no-go zone.  Or your bank.  Or the mall where your kid works.  Or your block.  What if they decide your day care or private school has too much ‘privilege’ and mobs it?  Can’t happen?  There are places where the private school kids don’t wear uniforms anymore because it marks them for kidnapping.  There are places where having a sticker for your kids’ school on your vehicle can set you up for all sorts of bad things.

Do you have a company parking sticker or hang tag on your vehicle?  Does your neighborhood have parking stickers?  Do you have a school or team sticker on your car?  What about your license plate trim ring?  A school sign in your yard?  Any political slogans?  Vanity plates that are easy to remember?  How easy would it be to dox you from a picture of you or your car?  There are people on the right making note of campaign signs in people’s yards, I’m certain the left is doing so too.

I don’t want to believe that is the direction we’re headed, but I see escalation wherever I look.  We all know the end state of marxist/socialist government- people kneeling next to an open grave.  As I pointed out at dinner to my kids, it has happened within living memory and on this planet.  100 Million dead.  There are wealthy and powerful forces at work here trying it again.

Yes, resist.  No, don’t stick out.  The best partisan is the guy no one would ever suspect.  It may come to that.  I hope not, but because hope isn’t a strategy, I’ll keep working to improve my situation, and to keep stacking.



added- note too that whenever there is an incident like this now, someone finds the pics that link X person to other protests, other gatherings.  Often it’s their own social media that provides the link.  The cops and three letter agencies are using social media as the world’s most pervasive intelligence gathering tool, even our locals mention it on the scanner.   Don’t feed the beast.  And don’t be complacent.  If your smartphone, vizio tv, or alexa can hear you talk about vacations and you start to see targeted ads, it can certainly hear political speech too.  Is anyone doing that today?  Will they be in 6 months?  6 years?  The recordings never go away.

Sat. Sept. 5, 2020 – In which I go out on a limb…

Hot and humid, but maybe less so than last week.

I basically wasted the whole day yesterday.  Some very minor stuff got done, but I spent a bunch of time sleeping at my desk.

Today I’ve got yardwork and all the stuff I didn’t do yesterday.  Joy.


I’ve stopped checking covid medical news daily, or even weekly. If something catches my eye, I’ll scan it, but for the most part, now that the disaster is here, I’ve switched from “getting ready” to “deal with it” mode.

My wife is keeping an eye on the medical news for both of us.

Funny thing is happening. I’m seeing articles confirming stuff from WAY back at the beginning of this. Like this article

Coronavirus can spread throughout apartment blocks by flushing the toilet: Three Chinese families on different floors all became infected after virus spread through plumbing

Or the stuff about HCQ with azithromycin and zinc- there was a guy in the comments at Aesop’s blog VERY early on with a lot of info about this.

The reports of heart and lung damage that were dismissed early on, are now backed up with evidence from infections here.

The idea you could get it again was there as early as Feb/Mar with reports from China, and yet this is just now news?*

My observation is that there was plenty of good info very early, at least in some circles, and that much of what got reported after that was trying to downplay (or wishfully deny) what was known; or it was interpreted thru a political viewpoint. That is also why I’ve stepped back from following every report obsessively, once politics got involved everything became distorted. And, at the end of the day, it doesn’t matter. There is a virus, it is here, it is killing some people, and I don’t want to get it.


Some things are still true:

If you are old or sick you are more likely to have a bad outcome. If you need to be hospitalized your chances of dying are high. (Just on its face this makes sense- you only hospitalize serious cases.)

There are long term effects, and some of them are serious. Since we didn’t have long term survivors we didn’t (and don’t) have a good handle on what those are. The ones we are seeing are potentially life changing.

Random interactions don’t seem to have high transmission, but if you are unlucky enough to come in contact with a ‘super spreader’ your chances of getting sick and having it bad are much higher. There are a lot of ‘super spreaders’ but they seem to be widely dispersed.

Enclosed spaces and groups are a bad idea.  Wherever we see groups together for any length of time, we see cases.  Oddly to me, about 15% of the group seems to get sick, where I’ve seen good numbers.

This is going to be with us for a long time, basically until everyone who can get it does.

<strong>Consequently, the only official high level strategy goal that matters was and is to manage the number of concurrent cases to try to keep from overwhelming and destroying the health care system.</strong>** Everything else is opportunism or revisionism.

Finally, it bears repeating that there is no one “coronavirus”. There are dozens of different strains spreading and they have different aspects and different outcomes. Just because Johnny got strain x and had no real problems doesn’t mean that if he’d gotten strain y he’d have had the same experience. And it doesn’t mean that if Jane gets strain x she’ll be fine.

We are going to be living with this for a long time. Accept that, get used to that, adjust to that, and get ready for what’s next. The social and economic effects are just getting started. No matter how you feel about the medical effects on you personally or on the country and the world, the social and economic changes WILL affect you. That’s the next storm I see coming, and it’s what I’m preparing for. I sincerely hope I’ll be OVER-prepared, just as it turned out that I am over-prepared for the covid pandemic.  Not only am I replacing used or spoiled material,  I’m adding to the pile, including materiel.  I kindly suggest that you too keep stacking- skills, knowledge, connections, and stuff.


*yeah, no one trusts the chinese, and scientists don’t trust anecdotal evidence, and now finally they have cases in the Western world that absolutely can’t be arm-waved away, or ‘what about’-ed to death.

**This goes all the way back to the initial briefings by CDC and their pandemic flu planning. And it worked. NYFC lost control, didn’t take the necessary steps, and did have bodies pile up outside of overwhelmed hospitals. That could have been everywhere (although worldwide it seems to be worse where the population density is higher than the average US density), and it could have continued longer. The ONLY realistic goal has been to try manage the number of active cases.