Day: October 10, 2022

Mon. Oct. 10, 2022 -10102022 – Columbus Day. Or shine the light of civilization on the vicious natives Day…

Cool now but hot later here at the BOL.  It got plenty hot later in the day yesterday, and I was sweating like crazy in the attic.  Today I’m hoping to avoid the attic.

My main task yesterday was running the pex in the attic and down to the kitchen.   If I stub out the kitchen, or just end the run, I can pressure test, as soon as I connect the stub out in the bathroom.  Dang it, I’m going to be in the attic anyway.  I forgot to connect the bathroom.   I knew there was more I needed to do while I was already covered in fiberglas…  now I’ll get sweaty and filthy again.  Maybe I’ll get it done early, before it gets so hot up there.   Pro tip, if you are going to be working with fiberglas, cover any exposed skin with talcum powder.  Wipe smooth with hand.  It will fill pores and stop most of the fiberglas from getting in your skin and itching.   Works for insulation or when working with resin and fiberglas, like on a boat.  Plain white ‘dryer sheets’ wiped across your skin will catch and remove any fibers that do get in your skin.  I like Bounce, but any of them will do.  Those two tricks will remove most of the discomfort from working with fiberglas.

I discovered while in the attic that there don’t appear to be any roof vents.   There are soffit vents, but nowhere for the hot air to exit.   I thought I was just unfamiliar with however they vent a metal roof, but from the inside, I don’t see any venting at all.   I’ll have to ask the roofing company about that.  Every roof I’ve ever seen has venting (except panelized cathedral ceiling.)

I also spent a little time on other things.  I sanded a bench. Pressure washing raised the grain, and eroded some of the softer part of the wood slats.   I did a quick and dirty sanding with the angle grinder.  It’s smooth, but worn.  Matches the rest of the condition, so it’s ok.  Next time, the slats will need to be replaced, and I’ll refurb the cast iron end frames then.  Until then, call it ‘shabby chic’.

My wife did some electrical, disconnecting the hall bathroom receptacle, installing light fixtures, tracing the circuits, and then installing a new fixture in the living room.   That was while I was in the attic doing plumbing.

I think I’ve got a good solution for attaching my cell booster antenna mast.   I picked up a basketball backboard mounting kit, and I’ve McGyvered the bracketry to clamp to a pipe and give me a place to clamp the mast, while extending it out past the roof overhang.  Feels like it will be very sturdy, and should work.   We’ll see, right?   At the moment, the mast, an extendable painting pole, is ratchet strapped to the chimney.  Redneck as all get out and it  has to move soon, so I can start taking down the chimney.

If the guys come today, we’ll work around them.  If they can’t get the part they’re waiting for, I’ll see them later in the week.  Wife and kids head home later today.  I’ll stay until I know the schedule has changed.   I may pause the fishing… and let my back recover.

Progress is being made.   Skills and contacts are stacking up.  Do some stacking of your own…


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