Day: October 22, 2022

Sat. Oct. 22, 2022 – 10222022 – hah, lotta twos…

Week jokes, I got ’em.

Cool and clear, humid, but hey, lake!  Absolutely gorgeous yesterday.   The stiff wind might have been an issue for some but it was great for me.

Guys finished up and left.   I McGyvered my plumbing issue, and have a real solution standing by (thanks Alan).   Site looks good.  House feels level.   Eggs don’t end up to one side of the pan…

I did mostly ‘helper’ stuff for the crew, moving dirt to refill the holes (since I “stole” their nearby dirt piles to backfill the septic tank) picking up broken concrete and old roots, and leveling dirt in the yard (filling ruts mostly).

After they left I did more yard work and cleanup.  I used my favorite leaf blower to blow out the whole house, and did some other cleaning. Then spent a while chatting with my fisherman neighbor.

He must like me, he’s sharing some of his knowledge.   SO MUCH knowledge, I didn’t even know what I don’t know.   42 years of passionate hobby = a LOT of detailed and esoteric knowledge.  The tabloids assure me that there is “one simple trick” for all kinds of things, and if I can get even one reliable technique or combination of stuff that lets me catch fish, I’ll be very happy.

Meatspace.   Tribe.  Community.   Stack some up.

Today I intend to get that gnu forsaken gas line run to the furnace.   And if I have supervision, install some breakers  in the panel, and connect the new receptacle in the master bath.  Or work under the kitchen sink… I’m sure something will fill the day.

Stack something!


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