Day: October 24, 2022

Mon. Oct. 24, 2022 – big pile of work to do at home…

Warm today, possibility of rain?  We’ll find out.   There were some dark clouds in Houston when I got back last night.  The national forecast has us in the middle of potential rain and T-storms.

It was a beautiful day at the BOL, and a nice day to finish up what I was doing.   Got quite a bit of work done while the foundation guys were there.  Foundation repair.   New water service entry.  Repair to the main sewer line.  Connected the pex that was in place.  Ran and connected the gas line for the furnace, and got it running for winter.  Worked on the dock.  Cut the grass.  Poisoned the ants.   Ran pex into the kitchen.  Cleaned and organized.  Did a dozen other small tasks.  Changed out a toilet.  And learned some things about fishing.

For the next two weeks I’m at home.   I hope I’m as productive here because my list is just as long or longer.

It’s hard sometimes to stay motivated.  To keep grinding on.   But you’ve got to do it.   Take some time to enjoy what you are trying so hard to protect and preserve.  Then get back to it.   Whether you are slow and steady, or your work is more ‘burst-y’ in nature, keep at it and you will make progress.

Just keep doing it, and you will reap the rewards.



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