Day: October 26, 2022

Wed. Oct. 26, 2022 – gah, plans. Just a way for the universe to stomp you…

Cooler and damp, overcast clearing later.   Maybe.   It was partly sunny for most of yesterday but then the temp started to drop.  Wind shifted too.   It was 57F at about 10pm.   Today should be similar.

I spent most of the day not moving much, sitting in my chair.   I did something to my back while making breakfast, and I could barely take  a deep breath.   Normally that would work it’s way out, or I’d find a way to release the pinch, but I didn’t and it didn’t.

I put some groceries away, and poked at a broken TV, but mainly just sat.   In retrospect, I should have just bitten the bullet and had a lie down.

Today will need to have some stuff get accomplished, no matter the weather or my back.   Hopefully I’ll be up for it.

Short shrift, so OPEN THREAD!

Stack something.   And lots of it.


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