Day: October 9, 2022

Sun. Oct. 9, 2022 – back at it

Cool and clear with hot later.   It was 73F when I went to bed, after being quite warm in the sun.

Started in Houston with my hobby meeting, which was nice.   Meatspace.  Friends and acquaintances that don’t talk politics or prepping… it’s a nice break.

We do talk about current affairs, price increases, long lead times, and the economy.   One of the guys owns a company that provides a value added technical service to real world goods, and he’s seeing orders slow down.  His work is both mundane, and sometimes high tech, with aerospace customers and other plain industrial customers.  Hard times are coming to the business and industrial world.

After the meeting, I headed up here and basically didn’t do any work.  Didn’t catch any fish either.   Did chat with two neighbors.   One of them is catching fish, over 40 crappie in 2 days.   Good eating.   He mentioned bringing over his crappie tackle box and showing me what he’s using…  I’ve got a lot of learning to do.

Today will be mostly focused on plumbing, with some other stuff thrown in for variety and recovery time.  That’s the plan anyway.  We’ll see if it happens.  I’d rather spend time drowning bait…

Stack up some friends and relations.  Stack up some helpful neighbors.


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