Day: October 11, 2022

Tues. Oct. 11, 2022 – 10112022 – at home later today

Cool and clear to start the day but getting hot later.  Monday was gorgeous.  I know the dry spell is killing us and crops, but it sure is nice weather otherwise.  And nice not to get rain when I’ve got 27 holes, 4ft deep around the perimeter of my house…

My foundation work definitely got pushed back to next week.  Supply chain issues, and a critical adapter part they need is weeks overdue.  I’m headed back to Houston later today and will work on stuff at home for the rest of this week.

Yesterday the main thing I got done was to connect the master bath pex to the pex trunk line in the attic.  The lines to feed the kitchen are in place but not stubbed out.  Working under the sink just wasn’t going to happen, I hurt too bad from the attic crouching and crawling.   I got foam rubber insulation over the parts of the trunk and branches that I’ve connected so far too.  I do need a couple of parts to tie the new service into the pex and old piping.  I’ll bring them back with me later.

I spent the rest of the day on little tasks and cleanup.   Wife and kids went home yesterday evening.   That left me to have a fire and listen to the radio one last night this week.   The moon rise was later, so I did have some nice dark sky before the moon washed everything out.   It was bright enough to cast shadows and if I had a large print book, I could have read by the moon light.  No shooting stars last night though.

Today I’ll wrap up a few small things, and pack up for the week.  One auction pickup on the way home (an antenna) and then I’m back to normal routine.   It will be a change getting up to get the kids out the door.

I’ve decided to move a bunch more food and supplies up here.   The goal is to get out of Houston if there is an issue, and it would be better to have more of my stacks up here.  Can’t move them all, because of the possibility of needing to stay in town.  Also doesn’t make sense to have all my eggs in one basket.   So I’ll move about half, then rebuild the stacks in both places.  I’ve still got stuff at my secondary too, that will probably stay there.  Backups to the backups.

I need to get serious about getting a full set of tools up here too.  I’ve got enough dupes to do it, but haven’t done much to organize it.  Right now, if I had a plumbing issue at home, I’d be out of luck as all my supplies are here and if I had a mechanical issue, all my real tools are in Houston.  That’s not a great state of affairs.

Ditto for medical.  Some of the stacks need to move, not just first aid kits.

Your stacks aren’t big enough.   Neither are mine.   Get to stacking!


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