Sun. Dec. 16, 2018 – retrospective

42F and sunny but damp.

Slept in a bit.

Stayed up reading this site actually.

Some good refresher content under the ‘beginning prepping’ ‘prepping 101’ and ‘amateur radio’ and ‘ radio’ tags.

Very nice to hear some absent voices in the comments and posts.


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Sat. Dec. 15, 2018 – cold and clear

44F and sunny.

Bladder got me up. Kids are still sleeping, and so should I be…

But I’ve got lots to do and I should get started on it. This afternoon will be taken up with family and social commitments.

Company coming in a week, Christmas presents to buy and wrap, decorations to dig out and put up, food to buy… office to put back together, sales to complete… children to cuddle, teams to cheer, and so many more things.

It’s a great life if you don’t weaken.


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Fri. Dec. 14, 2018 – counting down the days

45F and wet.  After such a nice sunny warm day yesterday.  Yuck.

It took 4 tries to start typing in this “block” using the new editor.  Don’t know what made it finally work, but the last thing I tried was changing the font size.

No blinking insert cursor.  No layout marks or text.  Just a blank white page.  I can see where the mac fanbois would like it.  Or the UI people at MS who made the tiles interface, where you can’t tell when one window starts and another ends because they’ve eliminated all the visual cues.  There will probably be a metric ton of posts about posting around the world…. how meta.

The year is winding to an end.  Nice that I don’t think russia will be doing a ‘hurry up’ invasion in order to have a fait accompli before the inauguration, like I did a couple years ago…. but there are plenty of things going around.

New Jersey, for example, wants to start a civil war.  We’ll see.  My bet is more boiled frog.

Anyway.  Lots to do today, so I’ll be out of the house.  Talk amongst yourselves…


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Thur. Dec. 13, 2018 – wrote the whole thing

64F and damp with rain forecast….

In my drowsy pre-waking state, I wrote today’s whole post. It was a good one too. Too bad I can’t even remember the topic now that I’m awake……

I have some gainful employment this afternoon, so hopefully no policy or politician will need to be mocked, no world issues solved, or crisis averted, as I’ll be busy.*



*you guys are free to cover me though

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Wed. Dec. 12, 2018 – open thread

57F and wet, I think. Seems possible. Matches surrounding reporting. Crazy though.

I’ve got nothing to say today. Drawing blanks. Maybe after breakfast….


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Tues. Dec. 11, 2018 – what are the chances?

33F and wet according to my sometimes working station.

I really hope it didn’t freeze. I looked at the forecast last night to see if things needed to be covered and it looked like 37F at the lowest all week. Bugger.

Does anyone think that the french mob, having tasted blood, will now fade away? Or will they keep attacking until Macron is done? Did you see some of the stuff he rolled back? Like the increased tax on low income pensioners? The list is nuts.

What do you suppose the british people will do if their only choice is get sold out by their politicians, and essentially remain in the EU? Do they care enough to riot?

What about us? What will finally get us out in the streets?

Lots to think about this week….


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Mon. Dec. 10, 2018 – time marches on

37F and wet. Yuck, yuck, yuck.

Here we are, one third of the way through December, with Christmas, and the New Year rushing toward us. Even the rhythm of daily posts and elementary school doesn’t help me with my sense of the days speeding by. I can’t help but feel that time is running out, and I’m falling behind.

Maybe it is the deaths of friends this year, coupled with getting older, and the normal end of year introspection. In any case, I think I’ll be happier when the New Year resets my expectations. I hope so anyway.


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Sun. Dec. 9, 2018 – up late

45f and wet this am, but supposed to get some sun later.

Stayed up late last night reading. Finished the 3rd book in Frank Horton’s Borrowed World series. It’s taken the characters a long time (3 books) to get to the point where they are really starting to deal with their situation. Lots of deadly mistakes have been made, but people are toughening up. Good books so far, only a bit of the prepper book ‘info dump’ and a little of the overly specific gear descriptions. It is a prepper manual after all, so that’s really the style. I read and liked his Locker Nine books too. His writing improves with every book. There was even a line of foreshadowing in this last one. Anyway, I only meant to read a little bit and fall asleep, but I spent over an hour and finished the book. I will be reading the rest.

Now it’s time to feed the kids and start my day.


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Sat. Dec. 8, 2018 – whew, that was a lot of rain

47F and dripping wet this am.

We got a BUNCH of rain last night. Official county stations show high 4″s to mid 5″ rainfalls all over the county. Most of it was Northwest, with the least falling in the southeast. Several streams/creeks/bayou feeders have overtopped their banks in outlying areas. That pig is going to be working its way thru the python for a while.

State of the preps this week- dismal.

I bought some plastic bins to use for canned and boxed food on the storage shelves. I have to get back to stacking no matter what the rat situation. I decided the bins were needed because of the spoilage caused by rat urine on the cans. Boxes and pouches will benefit even more. The bins are light weight, and clear-ish. They were still about $10 each. We’ll see how they work.

I harvested 2 oranges from the tree, and one meyer lemon. Not a huge crop.

I bought some rolling shelving carts to help organize all the bins of ebay stuff I have waiting to sell. Wife isn’t happy, but the bins are out of my office and the hallway.

Ebay sales were essentially nothing. I went from a couple thousand or more per month to selling one or two items. This seems to be common to a lot of resellers at the moment. I did sell one item yesterday and one today, but at $20 ea. profit, that won’t pay the bills. Not sure what to do except keep plugging away.

Office cleanup and organizing continues. Christmas prepping continues. Activities are stacking up. Today I have my non-prepping hobby meeting and an end of season soccer party, tomorrow, 2 Christmas parties and a piano recital all overlap. Meatspace is great and all, but it will suck up your time.

So, anyone get any preps done? Anyone feel ready for the holidays?


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Fri. Dec. 7, 2018 – “”a date which will live in infamy.””

Posting this the night before, but I’m pretty sure it’s warmer and wet.

No idea whether the attack was a sneak attack and one of the most dastardly treacheries of modern time, or a cynical manipulation of American sentiment to get a result the state wanted desperately. I WANT to believe the first, and hope that no one would trade those lives for the emotional appeal. And I want to believe the same on 9-11, decades later. But I get older, and more cynical as time goes by. So I’ll at least allow the possibility that there was more to the story than we were told at the time.

If we can’t know the truth about events that only happened a handful of decades ago, how can we ever hope to know what happened even longer ago than that? (I posit that time must past for the truth to come out, and we have no hope of knowing the truth of anything within our lifetimes. The players have too much vested in the narrative.) the truth may not even be knowable as we all have limited frames of reference. We all ACT like we know it though…

I do know one truth, change is coming.


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