Thur. Nov. 14, 2019 – another volunteer day

Cold, but I don’t know how cold. Not even sure we got below freezing last night. My weather station is still locked up. Not enough sunshine to charge the batteries, I guess. Time for some new ones.

Speaking of batteries, I have been running eneloops in my EDC FLASHLIGHT, the Pelican 1920. I discovered that the eneloops have a much softer case than other disposables. The ends are particularly soft. When I dropped my FLASHLIGHT, the shock caused the tit of one battery to dimple the butt of the other, and they no longer made good contact. Now I’m careful to put the dimpled battery in last so it contacts the spring, and the tit presses firmly against the first battery’s flat butt. Anyone else notice this?

I opened 4 rusty cans from my LTS food last night. I needed the cans for a science experiment, and I don’t trust the ones with rust. Two were ‘pop top’ black beans, and two were normal cans of collards. In all cases the cans were still holding vacuum, despite the rusted edges. Looking inside the cans though, in one case you could see discoloration where the rust was almost through the can. They’d all still have been good to eat, but I’m not taking chances when I don’t have to.

Also, when cleaning some of the cans, I found a swollen can. It was pineapple and about 5 years old. I threw that away. Two pop top campbells soup cans were soft to the touch, ie. not holding vac. Those went into the trash too. Visible rust on the cans. Due to modern cost cutting, I don’t think we can count on cans lasting as long as they used too. Take that into consideration.

My storage area and conditions leave a LOT to be desired. Clearly not the proverbial cool, dry place. Still, I hate to see can failures. At one point I swore off cans because of the rust. But in order to get some variety, and save money, I just accept that I will lose cans. Heck, I’ve lost pouches and boxes too.

Make your conditions as good as you can. Cover your cans. Rotate and inspect your stock. Store what you eat, eat what you store.

And stack it high.


Tues. Nov. 12, 2019 – field trip day

Cold today! [36F with 80%RH at 6am]

Headed to the museum of natural history as a chaperone for my daughter’s gifted and talented class, I’ll be disarmed for several hours. Not liking that at all.

Meanwhile, in Hong Kong, they’re lighting people on fire….

In Bolivia, the ruler stepped down.

Anyone still think this isn’t one of those periods when everything changes?


Mon. Nov. 11, 2019 – Veteran’s Day in the US

Cold, damp, rain forecast. [wrong- 65F and 94%RH, practically balmy]

Yesterday was very nice by late afternoon. In fact, I was sweating while I used the GardenWeasel ™ on the raised beds. Added some soil, will try to get the plants in the ground today. Will also try getting more of my list done, but we’ll see.

Kids are in school. I thought we might have today off, since .gov is closed, but still not actually honoring vets I guess. I will and will make sure the kids know what today is about.

Daughter got home from her sleepover at about 830 last night, and went right to bed. Grumpy and tired is on the menu for today… and not just for her 🙂

And so another week begins, and we march closer to the end of the year.

Lots to do,


Sun. Nov. 10, 2019 – a good day for garden and yard work?

Cold and damp, but clear? [57F and 91%RH at 940am and clear]

It was 47F and 94%RH when I went to bed. Saturday was nice and clear all day, in it did get a bit warmer during the day, especially in the sun.

Today is forecast for clear, and I’ve got plenty stacked up to do outdoors.

But first, sleeping in and breakfast.

THEN work…


Sat. Nov. 9, 2019 – hobby day…

Cold and clear, but damp. [41F and 95%RH]

It never did warm up yesterday, and it was dreary and overcast all day. It finally blew out late in the afternoon, but there were rain spatters all morning.

I hit one sale that had a ton of good stuff for my hobby and to flip.

I’ve had a couple of ebay sales and an offer yesterday, so maybe my sales drought is finally breaking. Touch wood.

Headed out to hand out with people in meatspace for a few hours and talk about stuff that isn’t politics or prepping. Then I’ve got errands to run and if there’s time, chores to do.

Radio silence most of the day though.

So don’t burn the place down while I’m out!


Fri. Nov. 8, 2019 – another week gone

Cold and wet. [51F and 99%RH]

It was 53F and falling when I went to bed after almost 3 inches of rain during the afternoon and evening. My joints were aching, fingers were stiff, and even the dog had trouble moving. Indoor work all day.

I’m hoping to do some outdoor stuff today. One piece in particular needs some small things done so I can list it and hopefully get it out of the driveway and put some cash in my pocket. There are a couple of estate sales that I would like to check out too, even though they are farther than I would normally go. They have a bunch of stuff for my non-prepping hobby.

NEXT weekend, there is an estate sale with a ton of stuff I want. Like $10K worth of stuff. The guy was a hobby machinist, ham, and woodworker. That’s almost the trifecta. I have no idea what pricing is going to be like, but he’s got a brand new, unused Epilog laser engraver, with the rotating extra axis. I want. Yes I do. Add in mini versions of machine shop machines, a CNC router, and piles of tools and smalls, and I am sure to find stuff I need. I don’t think I can convince the wife to finance me on this and I’ve got a ton of money tied up in unmoving inventory. Timing is everything and mine sucks. But that’s a whole week away…

Meanwhile, I’ve got food to put on shelves, after they’re cleaned and re-set up. I’ve got gardening to do. I’ve got sales to make and stuff to get out of the house.

What have you guys gotten done this week?


Thur. Nov. 7, 2019 – aw, who am I kidding?

cool and damp. again. [62F and 99%RH]

Didn’t get to my ham club lunch yesterday. I was busy loading up the truck and taking stuff to the auction. I’ve got 5 short pallets in this auction, and you can’t tell where the stuff came from unless you know where to look.

On the other hand, I’ve had 3 ebay sales in the last 2 days. Maybe some stuff is finally breaking loose.

More of the same on my schedule for today. Clean, organize, list, and fix. Might be complicated if it rains. The FEMA never right weather map had us firmly in the middle of a big thunderstorm area. I guess we’ll see.

One of the goals in the cleanup/reorganize/massive selloff is to get some workbench space back in the garage. I’ve got a couple of new things to put together, and I need somewhere to do it. It would be nice to be able to actually work out there too, now that it’s cool enough to do so.

Baby steps. I’ll get there or die trying…


Wed. Nov. 6, 2019 – ham lunch, more running around

Cool, humid.

Yesterday ended up warmer than it started, but still nice. My auction pickup was on the other side of town, and I had some other errands to run, so that ate my afternoon. I did sell and ship one ebay lot. Yea me! I got a few more listings done, and a couple more items up on Craigslist. Still nothing from my other listings though.

Just as a PSA, my gun store buddy thinks prices will be rising dramatically as the election gets nearer. Might want to take advantage of prices as they are right now. Especially if you believe CWII is on the horizon.

With that cheery thought, you might want to look into body armor and some threaded barrels… because you def won’t want to attract attention if you do need to get kinetic.

Whoever let loose last night woke up half our neighborhood. Constables couldn’t find anything, but looking at FB group reports, it must have been in or near the open power line right of way that cuts through our neighborhood. There are a couple of nuisance properties in that area too. One neighbor on my street got an audio recording from his doorbell cam. You can hear at least 2 other shots. So it was an exchange of gunfire.

I might step up my moving plan a notch. I love this house, but too much stuff is starting to happen around us. There seems to be an increase in vibrance lately too. I am not amused.


Tues. Nov. 5, 2019 – another day another dollar

Not so cool, and quite humid. [66F and 98%RH]

Spent yesterday cleaning up part of the garage, digging out some lab gear and electronics I’d meant to sell on ebay. Took the lot to the auction. Treated the concrete slab with mold killer. Today I’ll look at putting bulk buckets where that stuff was stored. Also on the list, getting the metal shelves cleaned, re-arranged, and move my storage food back to the shelves. That will get 2 pallets out of the driveway. I know I’ll have some losses in the pile.

I’ve also got a pickup to do. Black 6 mil poly and stuff to sell online. The rolls of poly have a myriad of day to day, and post-apoc uses. The other stuff seems to be selling well on ebay for a 10x markup from where I bought it. I need something to start selling…. nothing sells between Thanksgiving and Christmas.

I also picked up another self inflating life vest for the truck kit. I’ve got one in there already, for high water emergencies. It will be nice to have another for any potential victim.

In international news, they are starting to burn cops in Chile…

A pretty high percentage of the riot cops seem to be women. Wonder how they’re liking that?

Now, off to do stuff….