Mon. 23, 2018 – time to get serious

80F and only 7am.

For “reasons” I’ve only got a couple of weeks before school starts up, and I’ll be traveling one of those weeks.

I’ve got a pile of stuff I did not want to track into the next school year. The school year is busy enough.

So, time to get serious about stuff… and get some things DONE.


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Sun. July 22, 2018 – hot, but is that gonna stop me?

Nope, not if I want a happy home. Must make progress on the pile….

Not quite 90 at 9am but close enough for the rule of 10’s.

Apropos of nothing, anyone notice the use of “gunman” consistently in place of “criminal” “murderer” “thief” or whatever the actual description should be? I don’t think it’s accidental.

Now, time to feed the kids…

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Sat. July 21, 2018 – woke to the sound of leaf blower

and cursed my yard guy. Sure, I understand wanting to be done before it gets hot. 730am might be legal, but it’s too dang early for small engine noises.

83F and humid.



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Fri. July 20, 2018 – busy week

Another hot one, 80F at 6am. Forecast for record heat.

Whether we’re swirling around the edge of the toilet bowl, or at the dawn of a new age, it’s pretty clear that big changes are happening in the world. The march to war might be delayed a bit, or we might be getting played while our enemies align themselves and get ready. We might be headed toward civil war, as people on both sides seem almost to yearn for it. Who knows?

Or we might be headed into a general collapse. I think it’s well underway and we just don’t see the signs. Today is pretty much like yesterday, and so it’s been throughout history. Certainly our star is not ascending.

We have MASSIVE homelessness. We have a stunning number of people on welfare and other forms of .gov aid. We have lost control of our borders to the point that somewhere around 10% of the population is currently foreign invaders. They have spread throughout the nation, and are suddenly visible, like when a geometric progression doubles to the point you see it, then doubles again… just consider the number of machete attacks.

If people defecating in the streets, gangs pulling people out of buildings and hacking them to death, and record low workforce participation rates aren’t enough, consider the rise of socialism in our political realm. This is an idea that is opposite to our national character, but the long march has been so effective that openly socialist candidates can win party primaries. Our elites get wealthier, while our ‘normals’ get poorer, and civic institutions degrade. [consider than when I was young, it was entirely normal that a man in a skilled trade, as the sole breadwinner, would be able to afford a cabin on a lake, a pontoon boat, snowmobiles, a camper, etc. Contrast that to today.]

The very things we establish government to provide are no longer working. Clean water. Education. Safety and rule of law. Public works infrastructure.

Consider just thirty years ago. What was the relationship of the public to cops? Bottled water? Aid organizations? Refugees? What did inner cities look like? Gangs? Public infrastructure? What was public morality like? What was cultural sexuality like? Cultural violence?

Consider 40 years. 50.

I think we don’t see it because we are too close to the problem. Convince me otherwise. Or what have you done to prep this week??


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Thur. July 19, 2018 – is it really

Already Thursday? Man I’m sounding like a broken record, but time is flying by.

79F at 6am and I think we’re looking at another test of Texas’ electrical grid…

It even made the news!

Normally, I’d scoff, ‘cuz it’s hardly news that Texas gets hot, but it’s been HOT.

Time to get busy and start the day….


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Wed. July 18, 2018 – things are getting weirder yet…

Almost 80F at 6AM is NOT a good sign for a cool day.

A quick scan of headlines this morning shows things are getting even weirder.

Chicago is broke, and yet they’re talking about Universal Basic Income.

Musk apologized.

And some folks want a civil war very badly.

Ditto for a global war.



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Tues. July 17, 2018 – progressive projection

77F at 6AM, another hot day.

Someone said that every accusation, every insult hurled by a progressive is actually projection. They are racist so they accuse others of racism. They are intolerant so they shout about intolerance. They are rapists and pedophiles, so they accuse…

So what does it mean when Hillarity accuses Trump of selling out the US to the Russians? When deep-state operatives accuse Trump of treason?

Others have noted the phenomenon. Pretty sure that it’s in Rory Miller’s book on violence that he points out that most violence comes with a warning. “If you don’t shut the F up, I’m gonna knock your @ss out!” One of the “tells” is when someone says something like “Don’t worry, I’m not gonna rape and murder you…” because that is EXACTLY what’s going through their mind at the time.

Apply what we know about the observed behaviour of progressives, and what we know about criminals, and draw your own conclusions about who is really acting in the best interest of the country- Trump, washed up criminal has beens, or criminal deep state operatives?


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Mon. July 16, 2018 – should it matter?

Almost 80 and only 6 am… not a good sign for penguins….

Should what you do in your private life matter when it comes to your work life? This is a question that seems to be working it’s way through the public consciousness at the moment, with the vocal minority answering YES, and H3LL YES.

What does this say for society? Does it mean that for the instagram/twit/overshare generations there IS no private life, so every moment is fair game? Does it mean that with the ability to work any where, we are working EVERYwhere, and so fair game?

Or is it just the lefty prog worldview written large, where no one is holy enough, everyone needs to be denounced lest they denounce you first, and self excoriation is the word of the day?

A serious question- suppose you or a loved one has been shot in the head. The best brain surgeon in your city is a despicable human, with a terabyte of sick porn on his office pc, but the guy has the hands of god himself when it comes to putting brains back in the bowl… do you care what he does to relax? Or do you just want your kid’s life back?

Why does anyone care if Joe Businessman holds any particular belief if he’s good at the business?

Suppose the world renowned cave diving rescue doctor DOES live in Thailand so he can have ‘houseboys’ around as Musk accuses. Consider that the Thai don’t think that is an unusual or bad thing. A dozen people are alive today because of him. Is there balance? Can people with morally questionable lives do moral acts? Who are WE to judge?

Is there a ‘private life’ anymore or are ALL of your actions and beliefs fair game for public scrutiny and condemnation? Should they be?


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Sun. July 15, 2018 – nothing like the inside of my eyelids

930 and 90F, with 71%RH. Hmm, maybe I should go back to bed.

Did sleep in. Delicious. Actually got to sleep and stayed asleep for most of it. Only got up briefly to let the dog out. Feels pretty good.

We’ll see how much of the list I get done today. I’m guessing, not much of the outdoor tasks, but I might surprise myself.


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Sat. July 14, 2018 – all the chicks back in the nest

77F well before 8am. I’m guessing hot and humid today…

The whole family is home again, the dog and the daddy are happy.

Time for my once a month non-prepping hobby to meet this morning. I hope the wife and kids leave me some job to do later today…… oh, who’m I kidding, all of them will be there for me.


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