Day: October 25, 2022

Tues. Oct. 25, 2022 – maybe more work today, if the rain holds off

Warm and damp.  Hopefully clearing later.   Yesterday was misty almost drizzle in the morning waiting for the school bus.  Then I headed toward downtown, and didn’t see any rain, but when I got home everything had been sprinkled.  The overcast was ominous, so I went inside.

Had to pick up the kids from drama rehearsal, so that blew my afternoon.  Same same today, btw.  I’ll have to try to get some stuff done early.

I did get the plumber through what he needed to do to finish the install at the rent house.   It’s not enough that the water heater has a pressure release valve.  Someone decided that it could pop and spray you, so they mandated a discharge pipe to direct it down into the overflow pan.  THEN someone decided you’d never know it had discharged, so they mandated that it run to daylight, somewhere you would notice the water.  That was what he couldn’t do on the original install.   It’s done now.

One thing I’ve decided, with all the work I’ve been doing is that you can’t have too many channel lock pliers.  You maybe could have too many  in one place, but they are so versatile and handy that you can’t possibly have too many.   One mod I’ve been meaning to do is to grind the teeth off a pair or two, so that I can grab brass nuts without galling them.  Add it to the list, and do it to a cheaper pair.

Most of yesterday’s list slid to today.   So I better get on that.

Stack the things, use them, mod them if needed.


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