Tues. Sept. 3, 2019 – hurricanes are no joke

Slightly cooler, but humid. [76F and 83%RH at 6am]

Spent yesterday at the beach, which was surreal considering what was going on east of us.  The beaches were mostly empty too, to my surprise.

The pictures and video that are coming out of the Bahamas are shocking.   It’s been a while since we had good video of such a devastating storm.  Waves washing the second story windows should convince anyone that evacuation is the better part of valor, if that’s what you might be facing.

There are reports of “price gouging” coming out of Fla.  I’m of the opinion that laws prohibiting charging more than the usual rate when un-usual events are happening are un-American and counter productive.   Let the business earn the opprobrium if that’s what people decide is fair.  Otherwise, let those without the ability to plan pay those who have the ability for the privilege of their ignorance and lack of self control.

Complaining about expensive bottled water WHEN IT’S COMING OUT OF YOUR TAP is about as stupid as stupid gets.  Gas is a <i>bit</i> different, as it can be difficult to store safely, but if you are motivated you can do so.  I did, and do.  If it’s a priority, you will find a way to do it.  If it’s not, then you will pay the tax.

If there are any new readers, let me point out that I live in a hurricane zone, have been through several, and THAT’S WHY I PREP.

Read through anything tagged with prepping related tags.  Read the comments.  Learn it for next time, as there will surely be a next time.

Also, accept that there are some things that are out of your control and you will just have to deal with them as best you can.  That’s another good reason to have resources set aside, so you can adapt.

Speaking of which… my mom decided that the best thing to do was fly into Florida EARLY this year.  She’s in Sarasota as of YESTERDAY, so should be ok unless things go very wrong with the storm track.   However, I’m reaching out to MY resources, with a ‘heads up’ that I might need some sort of help in that regard if things go pear shaped.  She doesn’t “believe” in preparedness of any sort and so I find myself in the (not completely unusual) position of having a loved one firmly in my darwin column, and yet I can’t actually leave her there if push comes to shove.  I hope to convince her to do her shopping today, and to pick up some extra, if it’s even available.  (FWIW, I was under the impression that her flight would be canceled and she’d stay safely in Chicago, I was shocked to get her text that she had landed in Sarasota.  No idea what she was thinking.)

If you are in the threatened area, please take what time you have and do what is needed to ensure you have the best chance at safety.  If you are not directly threatened by this storm, take it as a warning- there will be other storms, quakes, floods, tornadoes, riots, pipeline explosions, derailments, plagues, and pestilence.   Get prepped.



added-  looks like Dorian has started to turn north.  That is good news for Florida but it’s still gonna be a mess up the coast and central regions.  Freaking thing sat for 40 hours on the Bahamas.  That is nuts.

Sat. Jan 13 RBT update

Nick, no such luck. It was 21 degrees, winds 15 to 25 mph with gusts to 40 and a few snow flakes flying around when we went out at 7:45.

Bob was not having as good a day yesterday. That is to be expected trying to get settled into a new place. I am sure he was tired after being transfered and settled in. He was sleeping when I arrived and the respiratory therapist said he had been sleeping all morning. I woke him up because the PT came in to access what needs to be done to get his legs stronger. I tried talking to him but he was not in the best of moods and was hard to understand. It will take time for him to adjust to a new place. It being a weekend he will not have any therapy sessions until starting Monday.
I’ve got to leave the house early, and I’m hoping Colin lets Barbara sleep in a bit, so here’s a placeholder to open the day.



Oh, and Friday the 13th falls on a Saturday this month….

Friday January 12, 2018

It was 54 degrees, raining, and breezy when Colin went out at 7:45.

Bob is now at the rehab facility. I did the paperwork yesterday afternoon. He was not to be transfered until 4pm. From the rehab place I went by Frances and Al’s to see if Al would meet Bob at the facility to prevent me from having to wait so late to drive back up the mountain. As it turns out it was 6:15pm before transport finally showed up to move him. Good thing I came home as we had rain and pea soup fog from Winston to Sparta.

I stopped by the hospital briefly before I headed home. From this past Monday to yesterday he has made small but remarkable improvement in his speech. He still has confusion and memory issues but seems to be starting to put things together a little.

Thursday January 11, 2018

It was 47 degrees, raining, and calm when I took Colin out at 8:15.

We have a possible rehab bed at a place that will support the trach. Bob is still coughing up gunk, they call it secretions, a lot. The trach is protecting his airway so he does not aspirate on the fluids again like he did in December. Until he can swallow and the gunk decreases he will have to have the trach. The place he may be going does have a respiratory therapist on site. The goal is to get him strong enough to swallow, go off the feeding tube, and eventually the trach. He is talking with the trach well enough we can understand most of what he is saying.

Sunday January 7, 2018

It was 5 degrees, sunny, and calm when I took Colin out at 8:15.

Frances and Al checked on Bob yesterday.The nurses said he had a good day. I need to be in Winston Monday morning. The weather forecast for here is calling for a chance of something frozen to fall tonight or in the morning. Al is coming up to stay with Colin when I head to Winston to visit Bob and stay over with Frances. Hopefully we will get Bob moved to rehab sometime tomorrow.

Saturday January 6, 2018

It was 3 degrees, sunny, and calm when I took Colin out at 8am.

If everything works out Bob will move to the rehab facility on Monday. He still has the trach and feeding tubes. We were given choices as to where he could go from the hospital. I chose a place in Winston because Frances and Al can help with keeping tabs on him for me. I have past experiences with these facilities from both Bob’s mom and my dad. You do have to be vigilant even with ones that have a good reputation.

He was better yesterday though still coughing a lot of gunk in his lungs. He very much wants to get out of the hospital and is ready to go to rehab. I hate we have to wait until Monday to move him. Al is going by to see him today for me.