Day: October 1, 2022

Sat. Oct. 1, 2022 – headed up? Maybe, probably, sure, why not?

Cool and humid, but getting warmer later in the day.  Perfect weather in other words.   REALLY nice.


Did my stuff yesterday.   It involved driving across Houston to Baytown, or an hour drive with no traffic.   Houston metro is big.   Stopped by my favorite gub store.   Business isn’t booming.   You’d think it would be, but people don’t have a lot of extra money at the moment.  I’m hearing that from every direction.   And coincidentally, the guy I picked up from in Baytown said the same thing one of my hobby guys said about Texans selling off their cattle- they’re doing it as fast as they can.   Buy beef while it’s here, ‘cuz there is going to be a shortage later.   That is getting baked into the cake as we speak.

Today I’ve got stuff to do before heading out for a couple of weeks.  Mainly I have to get my storage organized and get some shelves set up.  I don’t think I can leave stuff in the foyer for 2 weeks while I’m not here…  Then I’m meeting a guy about selling my forklift.  After that, I’m doing a pickup on the way to the lake.

I should be at the lake all week.  I might come home mid week if the work pauses for a day.   There are reasons it might.   Otherwise, I’ll be there.  I’m taking my laptop, and doing normal (if somewhat thin) posts, but my access to news and commentary will be limited.

I’ll be working on getting stuff ready up there, y’all need to be working on getting your own stuff ready too.

Like stacking up the food.  And the friends.


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