Day: October 21, 2022

Fri. Oct. 21, 2022 – 10212022 – 3023 comes next, right?

… then 4024…

Probably a cool morning, warming later, and not so cold at night.  It got pretty hot in the sun yesterday by mid afternoon.  Got to 78F in the house with the doors open.  I broke a sweat.  ‘Course, long sleeves and long pants…

Crew got a lot of work done yesterday.   They leveled the house.  Nothing high tech, except the level which was a base station and a sensor connected by a cable.  Not sure of the tech, but it has a digital display.  Made it easy to measure the floors.   They used bottle jacks to lift the house.   5 or 6 of them pumping at the same time.  Then they moved to different holes and did it again.  They did it in a bunch of small lifts, with foam lifting the middle of the house in between.  Very strange to see the massive chimney move upward by half inches.

They got most of the piers secured, but have a couple to finish and some holes left to fill today.   They got the plumbing done, water service needs a bit of mortar and insulation, drain line is good.  I’ve got the new service entrance connected to my new pex and old copper.  When we abandon the copper, I’ll be able to easily reconfigure the connections since I made them at the water heater.   Feels like real progress is being made.

Today I will get up in the attic and run the gas line.   I may also get the kitchen sink stubbed out with pex.   I just put valves on the ends of the run for yesterday.  The crew will need me to move some dirt from the pile to fill holes, because I stole some of the sand to fill where the backfill settled around the septic tank.   The rain really caused some settling.  That should eat some of my time, running back and forth with the garden tractor and dump trailer.

Since the females are at GS camp this weekend, I’m staying up here at least until Saturday night, or Sunday.   I’ll keep working the list.  And trying to catch a fish.

Work some skills.   Stack some things.


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