Day: October 15, 2022

Sat. Oct. 15, 2022 – home after all

Cool, damp, and warming later.  Sun most likely.   Like yesterday.  Sun was burning through the truck window (radiant heat) but the air was pretty cool until later in the day.  Sunny all day.  Nice night at 72F, but a bit damp.

Spent the day out and about after doing auction stuff.   Had a two hour power outage, preceded by short outages and flickering.   We never had outages without hurricanes when I moved to this house in 2008.  Now they are far too frequent.   I think it’s another example of the deteriorating conditions around us, and it exposed an issue with my UPS setup in my office that I have to get straightened out.

Child was feeling better in the afternoon.  Fever had broken, and she ate a bit.   Still watched TV when I told her not to.  Brat.   If D2 doesn’t develop any symptoms, she’s got a sleepover at a friend’s house tonight.

I’m going to be  doing normal stuff, and getting a lot of my Halloween stuff set up.   I don’t want to wait for the last days, because those will be filled with getting the more fragile stuff set up.   Gotta get the general stuff out now.  If feels like I waited too long as it is.

Sunday I need to pull a bunch of canned goods to take to the BOL.   I’ve been holding back because we’re doing the work, and have stuff everywhere, but it’s not a good retreat until it is stocked.   I will feel better when I’ve moved a bunch more stuff there.  I’ll take half the OTC drugs and medical supplies too.  Lots of duplication here that could be spread out to there…

So look at your situation, and re-stack as needed.   Or stack some more.  Because everything is changing except man’s nature.  It’s reasserting itself, red in tooth and claw.


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