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Fri. June 21, 2019 – already Friday again, jeez

82F and 90%RH. Never got a drop of rain yesterday, hope today goes the same. Openweathermap (henceforth OWM) has our high at 97 or 98F. It’ll be much hotter than that here in my driveway. The march to war continues– … Continue reading

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Sun. April 7, 2019 – weather looks ok

71F and 99%RH. Looks like some sun poking through. Well then, plan for the day is yard and garden. I guess I need to figure out what I’m planting this year. Carrots did well. Beets did well in the window … Continue reading

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Sun. Aug. 12, 2018 – got some stuff done, not enough

Currently 80F and 80% at 8am. Yuck. Off and on spots of rain yesterday but I got the lawn at the rental cut. We have an application in, so hopefully that gets rented. If it does, I’ve got to empty … Continue reading

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Sun. July 1, 2018 – open

Whew, slept in. Kids are now fed, the dad is fed, the wife is fed, and the kids are squabbling so the dad is also fed up! (now there is crying) Only 96F at 11am, so not quite following Nick’s … Continue reading

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Friday, 23 June 2017

09:10 – It was 67.9F (20C) when I took Colin out around 0645 this morning, damp and overcast. Barbara is off to the gym and supermarket this morning. This afternoon we do science kit stuff. I forgot to mention that … Continue reading

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Monday, 3 April 2017

09:49 – It was 48.1F (9C) when I took Colin out around 0730 this morning, damp and with heavy fog. The forecast for the rest of this week is pretty crappy, with heavy rains/thunderstorms today and rain/snow the rest of the week, … Continue reading

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Tuesday, 28 March 2017

10:00 – It was 52.1F (11C) when I took Colin out around 0645 this morning, damp and puddles on the drive but not raining. Barbara is attending meetings and volunteering all day. Dinner tonight is leftover slow-cooker pork and mashed potatoes, … Continue reading

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Tuesday, 16 August 2016

09:03 – We’re building and shipping science kits today, as usual. Before we get started on that this morning, we’re going to make up another batch of bread dough so we can bake bread this afternoon. One of the new … Continue reading

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Monday, 15 August 2016

09:46 – Barbara yanked out our pathetic broccoli plants the other day. Their leaves looked moth-eaten, and there were no heads developing. Lori, our mail carrier, is just the latest person to tell us that broccoli doesn’t do well up … Continue reading

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Sunday, 31 July 2016

11:52 – Excellent dinner last night, most of it from LTS or our garden. Barbara picked some of the Blue Lake bush green beans and cooked them up in bacon fat with onion. We also had corn bread and boneless … Continue reading

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