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Wed. Sept. 12, 2018 – big storm coming

75F and damp in Houston It’s about to get very windy and wet in a day or two. In all seriousness, there is a truly massive storm headed for a good percentage of our population. A population that hasn’t had … Continue reading

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Sat. Aug. 18, 2018 – transitions

70F, overcast, clammy here in the not so secret location. This is a transitional time for the world, for the USA, for my family, and for me personally. Clearly the world’s geopolitical landscape is shifting- Russia, China, the UK and … Continue reading

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Fri. Aug. 10, 2018 – prepper fail!

Back in the swamp, I mean Tree City USA, I mean Bayou City, I mean… Houston. 80F at 8am. So. Prepper fail. Yep. I left my carry on bag at the house we were staying at. My airline ‘bug out … Continue reading

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Sun. July 1, 2018 – open

Whew, slept in. Kids are now fed, the dad is fed, the wife is fed, and the kids are squabbling so the dad is also fed up! (now there is crying) Only 96F at 11am, so not quite following Nick’s … Continue reading

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Fri. May 11, 2018 – again?

72F and humid, but clear skies. Should be another hot sweaty day here in Houston. Friday again. More school activities. More stuff to do around the house. More, more, more… This week I ordered (and received some) parts to rebuild … Continue reading

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Sat. April 28, 2018 – GDPR Compliance

I’m getting an early start today. I’ve got one daughter at a special Girls run downtown, and the other has her normal softball game early this am. Currently 59F and damp, but due to get warm and dry later. RickH, … Continue reading

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Tues. April 24, 2018 – another day another dollar….

56F, cool and sunny. Looks like it’s gonna be an awesome day to be outside. [RBT always started with a weather report, and so I do, for continuity and as a measure of the passage of the seasons] I’m committed … Continue reading

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Mon. April 9, 2018 – the future of work?

55F and drizzle today, grey and dreary. Some discussion late yesterday about the future, education, and work. My wife still thinks college is a good idea, and we’re funding appropriately to allow both kids to go if they want to. … Continue reading

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Mon. April 2, 2018 – some thoughts on preparedness, and life

70F and 97%RH, sure to dry up as the sun warms the day….. I read this article and was struck by how many of the things match my own ideas (although not put the same way) and by how different … Continue reading

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Fri. Mar. 16, 2018 – what did you do to prep for LIFE?

71F, 94%RH and yep, back in Houston… Still, it looks like a nice day outside.– EDIT — started raining 🙁 This week, instead of what you did to prep specifically, what made you what you are today? What changed you … Continue reading

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