Day: October 3, 2022

Mon. Oct. 3, 2022 – foundation work today, yea!

Should be cool and crisp to start, then warming up later.  Very nice up here.  It will make all the concrete breaking and shoveling much more tolerable.

And that’s what’s on the agenda for today.  Getting the foundation guys started, and expediting whatever I can.  I will start by clearing some stuff out of the way, and re-marking buried utilities.  Then we’ll see what they need from me.

Spent yesterday getting ready to come up.   Filled the bed of the truck, again. One of the things I got on my mad dash to the auction pickup Saturday was a roll of Romex.    I thought it was just one roll, but ended up being two.  150ft of 8/2 with ground, and 50ft of 10/2 with ground.   $40 for all.   Crazy good score.

Dropped off my ebay sale at the post office.  The main local office has a big secure drop box in the lobby so I can leave a package, even on Sunday.  I’m pretty sure they won’t scan it in properly,but it will get delivered.

I resisted the urge to hit the Goodwill Outlet, which is next door to the PO…. had to get on the road.

So I made it here in good time.

Stacked  a few more things in the freezer, and a couple of things in the cupboards.    If I can learn to fish, my neighbor told me he’s caught catfish here bigger than 60 pounds.   The other guy said they get even bigger than that.   That’s a lot of free meat to stack…

So I better get to it.  You should too.



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