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Tues. Mar. 5, 2024 – Erect– I mean Election Day… at least for the small fry…

Warm and damp. Clear if the forecast is good, but locally we could get anything. After yesterday’s misty start, it did clear and turn into a pretty nice day. Windows down until later afternoon, then the humidity with the higher temp made A/C welcome…

Did one pickup, although it was three invoices. Got my ventless propane heater for the BOL backup heat. Got a couple of other speculative things too. Sometimes I’ll get something without knowing why at the time, but it usually works out. Has to be cheap and close by.

After getting the kids from school, I went back to poking at my non-prepping hobby website build. I’d spent the morning doing auction stuff and poking at it, and thought I’d poke some more. All I can say is that if you want to do simple things, it can be simple. Still not as easy as the demos. The demo guys are NEVER trying to re-create something existing- I don’t care if it’s a website or a CAD drawing, it’s always easy to just breeze along adding new stuff. Much less easy to keep referring to the old, and trying to incorporate that stuff into the new.

I made progress though, so that was good. I’m hoping I can poke at it enough to have a pretty good “go live” site by Saturday. My non-prepping hobby meets this Saturday and it would be good to put it in front of the board and get sign off on the switchover. It means I’ll be poking more than I’d like during the next few days.

Took some time off to watch Red Dawn with the kids last night. It held up pretty well. I’ve got a list of formative movies and books, and they are receptive to it. Just have to make the time.

Culture. It’s important. They are a bit surprised by movies from before PC and the diversite’. They can name 3 female scientists, but can they name three male? Yeah, that is just one of my issues with school… and it crops up in the strangest places. So, pop culture from the before time as a balance.

Might work. I like watching the movies anyway.

Stack some together time. And ammo.



(“it’s fried rice you plick!”)

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Sat. Nov. 20, 2021 – ow, that hurts!

But not bad enough to stop…

Cool and clear. Nice day like yesterday, although everyone thought it was a bit too chilly yesterday.

I fought with routers, software, hardware and other networking gear. I should be as famous as St George… Or not. I prefer the old ways of doing things, the new way, works great when it works. And not at all when it doesn’t.Still, I get paid by the day, not by the job, so I will do ok. I’ll be back out there today to do a bit more of the cobble job before leaving for “vacation” travel on Monday.

I’m not looking forward to that. Rather fight dragons.

Kyle Rittenhouse was found not guilty on all charges. Took a while though, which is concerning. The case, and the reaction to it, clearly shows the division in our country and the culmination of several trends and intended or un-intended consequences. I consider it an aberration though, and luck that he got a judge that would uphold the law and not put up with shenanigans. The next one might not be so lucky.

Avoid crowds.


(and keep stacking)

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Thur. June 3, 2021 – these short weeks confuse my sense of time

Wednesday stayed nice all day. We were on the edge of the forecast storm area and once again missed it. Even had us getting rain around 4pm… and they were both right and wrong. Right on time I got about 4 drops on my windshield, and that was it. We got a spatter at 7pm, but never really got any significant rain. I’m hoping for similar results today.

I have a pickup or two to do, and it would be easier to drop the kids at the pool than listen to them in the car for an hour. Unfortunately my pickups are near the airports, one each, so not a short drive. Worth it though for the stuff. One estate sale netted me an item at below market, even after tax and transfer fees. Unless I missed something in the pictures, I got a good deal on something that is in high demand and somewhat short supply.

I didn’t get any ammo in the auctions this week though, as the prices are still at retail or higher, for old and mismatched rounds.

Speaking of mismatched, I have enough accessories that I can’t sell on ebay (or use myself) that I’m considering selling on gunbroker. Anyone have experience with the actual process? I mostly use them for price checking.

I’d put some of the stuff in local auctions but my “household stuff” guy shut me down for a while. I WON’T be dropping off this load until they clear out some room in their warehouse. And THAT sucks dead bunnies. I’m getting a bit desperate to move some of this stuff.

In other news, I got another dozen blueberries off the bushes yesterday. I think I’ve passed last year’s total harvest now… The tomatoes are taking over the plots and the kitchen. Now my wife is looking at taking a half bushel to the local food bank today. They supposedly take garden produce.

Speaking of food banks, the state wants to give us another SNAP card for the school lunches we won’t be getting – because school is out for the summer. I ended up using the last one to buy food and donate it to the food bank for Thanksgiving meals. I think I will do the same with this one. We qualify (regardless of income) because our kids attend schools that offer free breakfasts and lunches to every student (because we have so many kids that qualify, they give them to everyone). Bread and circuses. F the world.

And WRT the world, I don’t know WHY we’re seeing all the china flu revelations, or why FauxXi is suddenly not receiving cover from the press, but I like it. I do want to know what they are distracting us from seeing though. They’ll be reporting on it, just not emphasizing it, or featuring it. It will be there though, so they can point back to it later. Crypto and debt currently not featured… hm.

Stack what you can. Lots of people are late coming to the party but there are still seats at the table and canapes’ being passed… we’re definitely in the ‘new normal’ though. Increased prices, increased violence, increased awareness, and increased shortages. The trend lines don’t look great to me. Anyone who can offer a counter narrative, I’m willing to hear it, indeed, I WANT to hear it, but there has to be some factual basis for the narrative. I may object to the facts, or to the interpretation, but I would like to hear it, if ya got one.

In the absence of other instruction, keep stacking.


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Fri. Mar. 26, 2021 – weird used to intrigue me, not so much anymore…

Pleasant and cool, with sun and a breeze.  A lot like yesterday once the overcast blew out.

Spent the whole day indoors.   Kept plugging away at stuff in my office, and getting stuff ready for the auction.   Ended up rescheduling my dropoff for today when I realized I had a bunch of small items that all needed me to mess with them a bit before sending them, but that the money difference made it worthwhile.  So I cranked through a bunch of minor repairs, in between moving stuff around and doing my normal interweb things.  And poking at my NVR…  and doing the paperwork for my passport renewal… and other paperwork too.  Not what I was hoping to do but progress on a number of smaller goals.

Oh yeah, and spent an hour watching the President give a short speech and then get a tongue bath from the press.  Oh there were a couple of questions that sent him drifting off the rails, but OMG, one of them managed to sanctify him and damn Trump in the same breath.

I’ll admit there were a few times when he was saying stuff that sounded good, like actually providing a partial demographic breakdown of the illegals.  But that was mostly when he started to drift off message, and then he would just stop mid sentence and switch gears.  And there were flat out lies, misdirections, and contradictory statements following each other.

He looked less feeble than some other times, but his eyes and eyebrows are very strange, he had trouble controlling his speaking volume (considering all the practice a half century of “public service” has given him), and he needed extensive notes.  It was the longest I’ve seen him go without someone hovering near his elbow or just barely close enough to catch him if he falls.  Normally he’s got at least one person watching him like he was a toddler walking the top rail of a fence.

He played a couple of weird moments for laughs, and I don’t know if they were intended to be funny or if he just saved a gaffe.  Some of those things are being quoted without context.   I’d like to THINK he’s an affable guy, playing the fool for laughs, but I suspect that’s not what was happening.

To top it all off, he shuffles his feet like he can’t lift them normally, and he’s got a couple of weird tics that I associate with age and confusion.  I wasn’t looking to be impressed, and I wasn’t.  The whole business about whether or not he’d run next time was especially weird.    It’s like he doesn’t expect to be around for that, so why bother?  I agree with him on that.

He’s a train wreck.  Called Putin names.  Called other countries’ leaders thieves.  Promised more gun control, more government spending on stuff the private sector does better, bragged about the crusts he tossed to the peons, forgetting that it was THEIR money to start with.  Bagged on the rich, trotted out the old lines about greedy bigcorps not paying taxes, plugged the unions, all the normal playbook.  On the plus side, I didn’t have to hear Kamel laugh.

It’s getting weird out there folks.  Something’s gonna give.  And it’s a lot easier to break than build.  Get the stuff you need now, while you can, if you can.  And stack it high.


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Wed. Mar. 24, 2021 – nothing to see, move along

Cool and hopefully dry. Yesterday actually got nice at my house, although other parts of Houston got a good soaking.

I was pretty well sidelined by my continuing knee issue yesterday.   And I had some nausea and  gastro-intestinal distress brought on by poor dining choices, or, the constant knee pain.  Or embrace the power of ‘and’…

In any case, I didn’t go out, and I didn’t crawl around on my knees, and I didn’t lift anything heavy.  My brain was not fully engaged in much either.  Every time I start making progress, something knocks me off track.

So today I’m forcing the issue.   I have an appointment to drop off more auction items.  I WILL get out and do that, as long as it’s not raining.  I’ve only got the pickup truck, so I can’t really do it if it’s bucketing down.

I did do the tiniest bit of moving and sorting and organizing.

Later daughter one and I worked the heavy bag for a bit and had a nice chat.  Then we watched some Miami Beach chick fights so she could see what that looks like ‘for realz’.  She made the obvious observation.   There MUST be some video of white ‘youths’ fighting and rioting on Spring Break somewhere, right?  They’re just being suppressed by the white privilege police, right?

And then I went to bed early.  I’ve been trying to get back on a more ‘normal’ schedule, but between the time change and spring break laziness, I have been up too late, and in bed too long.

I’m looking at the news and it occurred to me…  Biden cancelling the Cherry Blossom viewing and closing monuments  keeps tourists from seeing the fence and standing army.   It keeps them from posting pictures for others to see.  When was the last time you saw a picture of the fence or the NG on duty?  They are both still there…

Biden doesn’t want pictures of the holding facilities near the border.   He* knows how bad it looks since they used similar images against Trump.  So we don’t see any.

I have to go to crowd sourced news to see video of the riotous crowds in Miami Beach.   The protected class is doing what it so often does, and that doesn’t fit the narrative.   Now that two of them drugged and raped a white girl, leading to her death- that is making the tabloid press at least.  I expect all kinds of arm waving and then it ends up spun as a caution to stay home in these perilous times.

Various parts of Europe are supposedly hip deep in new china flu cases, but where are the pictures of overwhelmed hospitals?

Is Portland still having nightly troubles?  What’s the status of the takeover at the “Red House” where all those young white kids decided to help those poor black folks with their eviction problem?

How the heck did it become commonplace for our big metro areas and even our secondary and tertiary cities to be 1/3 latino?   Like gun ownership, the  press keeps repeating the same number, as if nothing has changed, but people still keep buying guns, people still keep pouring over the borders.  “10M illegals” my flabby @ss.  When we’ve got 15000 unaccompanied minors in custody in the space of months?  When there are charter bus lines rolling from the border towns to ‘up north’ every day?  When there is a remittance store on every block?  When the billboards are in spanish?

What’s in common with these things and so many more?  “Nothing to see here, move along….”   and then the attention moves along, and the problem fades away.   What other things are we just not even aware of because no one is showing it?  What else is being downplayed, sidestepped, diminished, and when will it ‘come out of nowhere’ to suddenly bite us in the @ss?

Something will, you can count on that.  We got two mass shootings right on schedule…

Keep stacking.




*By Biden I of course mean “Team Biden” and not the empty skinsuit who shuffles on and off stage when prodded.    He should talk to Hillarity’s team of satanists, necromancers, and resurrectionists and find out what they’re using.  He’s always been an ‘also ran’ second stringer though, never could get ‘the good stuff’.

[zika, Acute flaccid myelitis, ebola – all mysteriously NOT in the news]

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Tues. Mar. 16, 2021 – day 367 of my captivity… not my favorite thing

Cool and wet again.  Or still.  But yeah, not awesome out.

Like yesterday, which was overcast for most of the day, with occasional drizzle.  Got the kids off their screens for an hour or so and outside during the only real sunshine of the day.  They spent the rest of the day playing Minecraft, which I continue to insist is just the grinding aspects of other games made into the whole game.   I don’t get it, that’s for sure.

I dragged my feet all day, but did get some stuff sorted, and cleaned up out of my office.  My wife was on the computer working from home all day.  With some people not getting the note about the time change, she was ‘at work’ until about an hour later than normal.   One of the downsides of being able to work anywhere is having to work everywhere.  I think that holds true for ‘any time’ and ‘all the time’, too.  Still, having work is not something to complain about, and she does a good job of managing it.

It seems that several trends in the world at large are coming to a head.

It looks like there is and has been a concerted effort to attack and destroy the institutions, traditions, and beliefs (as well as the history) that used to make up the ‘story of America’ that shaped who we are.

In the 60s the attacks started on government and peoples’ faith in it.  (Whether the government DESERVED the faith of the people is another question, that a system set up on the ‘consent of the governed’ must also have the respect of the governed should be a given.)  Woodward and Bernstein did more to damage the United States than any dirty tricks by Tricky Dick could have.  They spawned two generations of press that were looking for their own ‘Watergate’ moment, and magnified everything to try to fit that mold.   The corrosive and damaging effect of that on the body politic shouldn’t be underestimated.

The sixties started the attacks on the social structure of America too, including one of the most effective, Teddy Kennedy’s changes to immigration policy to shift the emphasis from skilled and semi-skilled european immigrants to illiterate and unskilled immigrants from Latin America and other third world places.

Social engineering policies like “urban renewal”, the creation of the welfare state, and the destruction of the black family and community planted the seeds for the vast underclass we have now, living in continuous poverty and with violence at every turn.

The social shift from a life of restraint, sacrifice, and duty to one of ‘if it feels good do it’ and narcissistic selfishness further destroyed families and social structures (the sexual revolution seems to have mostly resulted in a huge increase in sexually available women, and moreover, a willingness to participate in what, in the past, would have been extreme sexual acts even for professionals.)  At the same time, drug use became prevalent, almost ubiquitous, and over-using drugs was re-defined as a disease that the person was a victim of, not something that was expected to be controlled or punished.

The rise of victimhood and victim classes followed, with social engineering solutions to the ‘problems’ that did nothing to help and did incredible damage to the very people they professed to help.

There are many other examples of institutions attacked and destroyed from within, and of areas where the attacks created problems that the attackers then proposed solutions to, which became the next iteration of the attack.

It doesn’t all come to a head with the Grammys but they did represent just how far the destruction has gone.

The Grammy award performances by two of rap and hip hop music’s ‘finest’, was by all accounts soft core porn, glorifying stripping and prostitution, complete with simulated lesbian sex acts.   (Some discussion and links in yesterday’s comments.)  The song the duo sang has lyrics that I can’t even quote with obfuscation here, the title alone (which Daily Mail coyly calls an “ode to female anatomy”) is titled “Wet A$$ P#$$y.”  The title is the least offensive and obscene phrase in the song, and it’s repeated ad nauseum.    They will likely win a Grammy award for it when they submit it next year.  I’m not a prude, or religious person, but I can recognize behaviour that is unhealthy for a person, and for our society.   The Grammy’s are billed as a musical talent award, the TV show is an ‘extravaganza’ and airs on broadcast TV in prime time.  People don’t have to seek it out.  It comes, unbidden, into their living rooms.

Everywhere you look you see the same things being attacked and damaged.   Trust.  Restraint.  Duty.  Individualism.  Achievement.  Faith.  Hard work.  Moderation.   Tolerance.  Love.  Joy.  What do you see celebrated?  Envy.  Self doubt.  Group identity. Free riding.  Impulsiveness.  Violence.  Lawlessness. Wantonness.  Bragging.  Flaunting.  Entitlement.

America has been fundamentally changed.  It started slowly but is accelerating.

And I don’t like it.  It won’t support the technological world we live in.  Our built environment is already starting to break down, along with our social order.  Our systems are starting to show cracks, along with our communities.  I see a lot more down coming before the trend starts back up, and a lot more misery headed our way.

When the sons of Martha decide they no longer care if the bolt is tight, or stay late to be sure the job gets done right; when they get tired of shedding their blood, to smooth the way and avert the flood; then I’m afraid the lesson we’ll learn, is how easily the people starve, and the cities burn.

You don’t have enough.  Keep stacking.



with apologies.

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Mon. Mar. 15, 2021 – Beware! Beware poets and prognosticators

and the Ides of March….

Cooler and wet.   Probably.  Maybe.  No one really knows.   Yesterday stayed overcast and drizzly all day.  The temp dropped too, down to 58F at one point, although it was 59F when I went to bed.

Slept late, had an hour stolen from my life,* and then worked on my plumbing project in the slowest and more careful way possible.  I’ve set toilets before, but never had the constellation of parts and issues that this one had.  I got it done, no leaks, and last night it did the business without complaint.  It is very quiet, and doesn’t ever evacuate the whole bowl.  Quite different.  Seems to work though.

Then made some dinner and welcomed #2 child home from her sleepover.  Yeah.  I’m hoping we don’t get sick.  Wife decided that child needed to spend some time with a friend for her mental wellness.   Kid was very excited and had a great time.  Hopefully that worked to lighten her mood for a while.

The rain and late start kept me in for the day and definitely limited what I got done.  Still, the toilet project was on the list for a long time and now it looks like that is done-for a while anyway.

Turns out that this week is Spring Break.  Who knew?  Kids are home all week and my wife is back in the office a couple of days.  That limits my range of activities.  On the other hand, I should be able to work projects here at home.  We’ll see 😉

Time to move some other stuff forward, and organize some of the stacks.

This last week gave me a chance to work some skills.   Hands on skills are good.  Infrastructure skills are good.  Repair skills are going to be really good.  Work on some skills this week.

And of course, keep stacking.




*not really, but fun to play with.

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Thur. Oct. 29, 2020 – getting so close I can taste the candy

Cold.  Damp.  Winter in Houston.

Tuesday it was high 40s most of the day, with overcast and misty drizzle.  The sun did come out briefly in the late afternoon.

I turned on the heat for the first time last night.  It was still 74F inside at 7pm, but by 11pm it had fallen to 72F.  That’s too cold for everyone here.  My hands get really stiff when it’s cold.  I know it is winter coming because the skin at the end of my thumbs and side of my first finger gets thick and starts to crack.  My dad’s fingers did the same thing.  I’ll probably have cracks for the next couple of months, most of the time.  Sealing them with superglue can help, as can packing them with AB gel overnight.

I had a fairly productive day, although mostly on a personal level.  I got some more stuff moved and organized in the garage.  Dug out some more stuff for ebay and auctions.  Tested a couple of things.  Got the basic shape cut out for my daughter’s COVID costume (she’s going as the virus, wife will be in yellow tyvek, daughter one will have her ‘I’m smart’ glasses, a lab coat, metal clipboard, and stethoscope.  I don’t dress up, but I might throw on some tyvek and my new chainsaw hardhat and face shield…

I got my candy dispenser working.  It’s a 5 foot long by one foot wide conveyor belt.  It started life as some sort of UV curing tunnel, but the UV light was missing.  It sat in my storage for years, waiting for me to use the motor and controller for something… so I’m using it as a conveyor belt.  Whodathunkit?  I need to dress it up a bit so it looks like a fantasy candy maker.  I’ve got a little tiny fog machine, some blinking lights, a plasma ball, and if I have time, I’ll do some sort of moving thing on top.  I’ll sit behind it and feed candy into it, which will then be conveyed to the kids…Fun!  I hope the rain stops before Halloween.

I’ve got a couple of other things I want to add this year too, but that will be dependent on time…

And all the normal life things don’t stop while I’m making Halloween decor…

Like disasters, fortunately not happening to me, but unfortunate for Louisiana and Mississippi.  Cat 2 hurricane, historic number of storms, 3rd in a row for New Orleans, aaannnndddd….. WAY down the page on news sites.    I miss the 3 days of breathless modeling and speculation.  Anyone here who is affected, reach out to us.

What a year when a Cat 2 hurricane barely rates a mention.

Keep stacking.  If this is normal, think about what ‘worse’ looks like.




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Wed. Aug. 26, 2020 – well, better get ready

Hot and humid.  Sweaty like a fat guy’s thighs.

I did move some stuff from the house to storage yesterday.  Not enough.  Not nearly enough.  I’ve got so much loose stuff laying around that I can only hope we don’t actually get high winds, or whale oil beef hooked.

Both of my auction contacts pushed me off on taking them loads of stuff.  Jeez.  I can’t get rid of this stuff.

I did spend some time in meatspace chatting with my buddy and his wife at the gu–  toy store.   He’s gonna consign a couple of things for me.  He’s still doing a brisk business in transfers, but what happens when ALL the inventory is gone and no one can buy anything that needs transferring, and there is no new inventory?  Other people have commented elsewhere that in the short and medium run, gu— toy stores are in economic trouble, despite high demand and prices.

There was a steady stream of people looking for ammo, and not finding it.  I’ll drop a small box by today if I get a chance to sweeten the deal on one of my items.

School is cancelled for today and tomorrow, with Friday still up in the air.  It all depends on Laura, and what she leaves in her wake here in Texas.  I’m hoping for a non-event.  Prepping for a big one, but hoping for small.

And I’m watching the insurgency spread.

At some point in the not too distance past, the move toward ‘officer safety’ started.  Cops began training to avoid going ‘hands on’ to prevent them from being injured*.  At the same time, someone decided that it didn’t look good for cops to be hitting The Usual Suspects(tm) with their fists or ESPECIALLY with sticks.   So someone made a change to policy, and the end state of that is cops are trained to shoot rather than grapple or fight.  Guns are stand off weapons.  Nightsticks, batons, etc, are close in weapons.  The cops can now keep their distance, but changes in doctrine let to changes in tactics.   Policy changes led to us being where we are today.  The same people that don’t want to see a cop with a stick hitting a suspect now cry out when the cop uses the tools and tactics he’s been trained to use, and shoots instead of strikes.  How’s that working out?  Ripples turning into waves….

Speaking of that, John Wilder throws out a number in his recent post, saying ” the dollar losing 7% of its value in three months”.   Without knowing where he got it, I was caught off guard because it was the first time I saw it put so starkly.   It’s what you’d expect when .gov makes the money printers go “brrrrrrr”.  It’s what you see when you’re paying more for everything, especially metals like gold and silver.  But upon reflection 7% seems way too small.  TP is almost double.  Gold went from $1500/oz to almost $2000.  Silver went from $17 to 26 (with higher spots in the last week).  Ammo and gun prices are sky high.  Granted that a lot of the increase in consumer goods pricing is due to scarcity, the metal pricing is more purely inflation for monetary reasons.  Either way, it looks like the dollar is buying a LOT LESS than 93% of what it did in March or June.  Taking a step back, that ripple looks like it could be a really big wave if it gets going.   Ask yourself why it isn’t front page news.  And why no one is framing that decline in purchasing power in terms of inflation.  Venezuela here we come.  Everyone will be shocked when they realize we’re suddenly there “without warning”.  Consider this (and the last couple of years) your fair warning. **

Everything’s better with bacon.  And butter.  And a full pantry.  Keep stacking.



* also about the same time, physical fitness standards were relaxed, and the recruiting pool was broadened.  A whole lot of cops were produced that couldn’t go hands on if they wanted to.

**I’m no financial guru and nothing I say is “financial advice” but I’m certainly taking a hard look at what my condition would be if all my cash and cash equivalents bought me half as much stuff, or one quarter as much, next year.   It might be a good idea to turn some of that cash into something that holds value a bit better, especially if there are bargains to be had.  Assuming I had any cash tucked away…


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Sat. June 13, 2020 -Friday the 13th falls on a Saturday this month

Warm moving to hot, decent moving to ‘too humid to breathe’.

Yesterday was a bit cooler than average and a bit drier too.  The shade with a breeze was quite comfortable.

Swim team eats up my mornings.  Falling asleep at my desk after lunch ate my afternoon.  I got very little done besides two loads of laundry and making dinner.

Dinner was lamb roast with potatoes, onion, carrots, garlic, and rosemary in the dish.  A shelf stable loaf of sourdough went in the oven too, since it was on…  I cooked the whole 4 pound roast and was grateful that it hadn’t spoiled with my refrigerator issue.  Chicken and milk did spoil, and I figured it out after the garbage pickup, so my trash is going to be horrific this week…

My non-prepping hobby club will be meeting today.  Normally we meet in a conference room or break room at one of the member’s manufacturing facility.  It’s pretty cramped.  Today the meeting will be in the big community room of a local church.  I’ve thought long and hard about it, and I’ve decided not to go.  I miss the guys and have stuff for show and tell, but I’ve been coughing for 3 days, and even if there is more room and a high ceiling, it’s still an enclosed space.  If I’m avoiding the grocery store, I can’t justify attending my club meeting.  Especially with cases trending up in town and almost every other member being older than me to boot.

I’m going to do my auction pickups and then start pulling back on that again.  I need to narrow my focus back down.  I’d hoped that I was wrong about  wuflu part 2, but it doesn’t look that way.  On top of that, people are working pretty hard at getting CivilWarII started.  More like Civil War, the low intensity conflict version ™ probably, but still gonna suck.

I’ve seen more references to Qanon and the term ‘boogaloo’*  in the press in the last week than, well, ever.  Internet talk is spilling over into Real Life.  From their point of view, you have to familiarize people with the ideas before you can use those ideas to condemn individuals and groups.  That’s beginning.  Divemedic posted some material for thought, namely the US policy analysis and instruction books for insurgency.  He’s raised some convincing points about where we are along that path.   I’ll link in comments because he’s also beginning to sterilize his online presence and I generally try to avoid external links in the post of the day, so they don’t break later.

Things will likely get worse before better.  Plan for it.  Keep stacking.




*not the racial slur, the same idea as “spicy time” or “when things get ‘sporty'”.


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