Day: October 5, 2022

Wed. Oct. 5, 2022 – le sigh. Work pauses…

Chilly in the morning getting hot in the afternoon, with cooler temps in the evening.

It was pretty darn chilly when the contractor got here yesterday.   Might have been 58F?  Felt cooler after they started working too.  It did get pretty hot in the sun.  I took a break and did some fishing, and I might have even got some sunburn on my neck.   Didn’t catch anything, although lots of fish were out eating.  The minnow were schooling and following my lure, and a turtle followed it all the way to the dock.  I could have let him catch it if I slowed a little bit.  Between the minnows and the turtle, I think the bait is convincing, the fish must just not have been biting.

The work crew got all the holes dug, and the house is ready for jacking… which might not happen until next week.  They are awaiting a deliver so they can use their  new machine.  Everybody seems to be waiting for deliveries.  In any case I get to sleep in today.

Then it will be working the list.   I think I may go into town for some plumbing  pipe.  The supply line cut off valve will need to be replaced, and a new service entry for water installed.  It was buried and it’s rotten.   The foundation guys are also licensed plumbers so I asked them to quote me for the work.   They will also need to fix the transition from the house’s iron sewer pipe to plastic that feeds into the septic tank.   The current joint is broken and leaking.   We didn’t see it during the septic work because it was under the sidewalk, and buried.

We also discovered that there aren’t any repair piers along one wall where we expected them to be.  Since the fill dirt level is only a couple of inches to a foot, the plan was to just ‘tune up’ those piers.  But they aren’t there at all, which would explain the foundation sinking there…  there will be additional charges for new (traditional) remediation piers along  that wall.  The other piers are mostly bearing on sand.  Not sharp, compact-able sand.  Soft sand. Or should I say, NOT bearing, as they are sinking through the sand.   Shoddy work.  All going to be replaced.  Just as soon as the part comes in.

So supply chain issues continue to plague industry.   Grab it if you need it,  there might not be any for a while…

Stack it high.




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