Day: October 6, 2022

Thur. Oct. 6, 2022 – plumbing and electrical on the schedule

Cool and damp this am, followed by really nice.  Thermometer says it got over 100F in the sun but I find that hard to believe.  Didn’t feel like it at all.

I got a bunch of stuff done, but the pace was a bit leisurely, and some stuff jumped up the list and had to be dealt with.  Stuff that I thought would be next week, and done by someone else!  It just points out that every single system here, and all the parts, will need to be updated.   I have no idea how I’ll get to the hose bibs, outside of opening interior walls, but I know I better do it before they fail.  I’ve got at least a rough plan for the other stuff.

Today should involve some electrical, some plumbing, and maybe some carpentry.  I’m also meeting with the foundation company’s foam guy to talk about getting the house ready, and to take a look at the bulkhead.  It’s a lot easier to do electrical and plumbing when the family isn’t here.   I can turn stuff off without considering them, and I’m not under the gun to get it back on.  On the other hand, it’s awfully quiet.

That should end tomorrow evening.

Having some spare parts stacked sure made yesterday’s issue a whole lot easier to tackle…   stack some repair and maintenance parts.  And if you don’t already have the knowledge and skills to use them, stack some reference books.   !Stack all the things!



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