Day: October 28, 2022

Fri. Oct. 28, 2022 – finally Friday. or what happened to the week?

Cold and damp again, mid 40s to start.  Overcast continuing today.   Maybe some rain in the forecast.   I hope not, but I know better than to plan.

It got to be a very nice day in Houston.  I enjoyed working outdoors on my ghost pirate ship.   I’m about 75% done.   I’ll be tweaking it right up until sunset on the 31st, but I’ve got the bones mostly in place and I’ll have the structure there by the end of the day today.  It’s shaping up nicely.

I also managed to find a dress for D1, who is having some sort of period dinner at school and requires a dress to match.  It will need a bustle, and some sleeves (or a blouse underneath), but the main part of the outfit is here.  Wish I  was doing as well on the ‘pirate queen’ costume for D2.  Still lacking the coat and hat, critical elements.  She has a backup plan to recycle last year’s costume if we can’t pull it  off.  It’s always good to have backups.  I got a couple of other decor items out and set up, and fixed up if needed.   Clear FlexSeal does indeed work to help seal up an inflatable that isn’t holding air as well as it should.

Back still isn’t right, but I’m working around it.  Gotta keep going.

Late night rain might have put a damper on today’s plan, I guess we’ll see as we go. Rain started around 11pm.  Don’t know when it finished.

I have to stretch to call yesterday and today “prepping” but  Life is more than prepping.   Sometimes you gotta live it.

Stack something.


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