Thur. May 19, 2022 – driving around today

Hot and clear, some small chance of scattered showers.   But mostly it is likely to be hot and hot, with a side of hot.   My weather station said 102F in the afternoon yesterday.  Granted that was in the sun,but jeez.

Since my back responded well to the stretching, manipulation, and inversion table, I woke feeling pretty good.  I decided I didn’t want to screw that up by unloading trash from my truck or cutting the grass.  So I spent most of the day online.

Today I have to venture out and collect all  the stuff.   Metro shelves for the garage and storage.  Another bucket of freeze dried food, and a cell booster for my client’s place.  A bunch of stuff for the BOL.  Typical week.   Keep moving as the world does its thing…

Which seems to be continuing on the path we’ve already started down.  The drums of war are beating and they won’t stop.*  Various items are in short supply, and there are more of them, and the supply is shorter, from what I’m hearing.   The money markets are in turmoil.  People are starting to buy less, move down scale, and run out of credit card.  Home sales are slowing, which is normal when rates increase, but a lot of people are going to feel a lot less rich when they are making two mortgage payments, waiting for a house to sell.

There are HUGE new developments going in all around the Houston metro area in green field developments.  They are tearing down warehouse and industrial space to build apartments and condos, and clusters of houses closer in.   Everyone in the country seems to be moving to TX or FL.   This is historically a boom or bust town, and we’re seeing it again…

But there is a frantic quality to it.   People are in a big hurry to get done before the bad thing happens.  IDK which bad thing they individually fear, but there is starting to be a sense of wrongness in the population, at least the parts I interact with.   And I talk to everyone I can.  Store clerks, construction company owners, workers, yard salers, hustlers, professionals, tradesmen, small business owners, other random people.   Change is in the air.  Not hopeful, good change either.  More like dread, and trepidation.  Everyone is nervous and unsure, but soldiering on as fast as they can.

8 buckets of rice is 2 dry cups a day for more than 2 years.   Including the buckets, it’s about $400.  Don’t wish you’d bought them, BUY THEM.   You don’t have to get it all this week, but I wouldn’t wait too long.  Everyone has room for 8 buckets.   Throw a couple big bottles of multi-vitamin in the cart too.

Bob would talk a lot about “iron rations”, food that was enough to keep you alive, but not what you’d eat by choice.   There are a lot of details in posts and comments tagged with the keywords on the right.  Go and read the posts.   But at a minimum, buy and store the rice.  It will extend whatever else is available, and it’s the single simplest thing I can think of to recommend doing.   Of course there is a lot more, and I urge anyone who hasn’t already to read the stuff at the keywords.  Then ACT.   It’s really cheap insurance.

That’s the baseline.   Build from there.  Stack it all.



*”why are the drums going all night?”  ” when the drumming stops, the guitar solo starts…”

Mon. May 16, 2022 – still at lake

Sunny cool and clear in the morning, getting hot later.   Probably the same in Houston.

After I set up an A/C service visit, I’ll work in the garden for a bit.  I spent several hours yesterday rototilling the whole thing again.   I thought I’d just get the grass off, but that took multiple passes, and increasing the depth.  I eventually got the whole plot tilled to an even depth.  Made my rows and planted two of them.  I did not know that beans should be soaked overnight before planting, so they will get planted today.

The planting choices are a bit wierd, but some of the seeds I have won’t do well this late.  I’m pushing it with what I am planting.  I wanted to get SOMETHING in though.   Since the fence isn’t in yet, I covered the whole row with hardware cloth in a tunnel shape.   I’ll either have to bring up more hardware cloth, or get busy on the fence.

I spent the hottest part of yesterday doing some other things, including taking a break to eat lunch with my wife on the dock.  Very cool breeze on the dock…   So I tried my hand at throwing the cast net.   Tougher than it looks.  I did manage to catch 3 little fish that would have made decent bait, which is what you do with the cast net in Texas.   I’ll need more practice, and maybe an in person coach…

The eclipse was cool.  Glad I got to see another one.

Unless things go horribly wrong, I’ll head home in the afternoon.  I’ve got a list of stacks to move up here, and more stuff to do work with.  We have one bedroom with the paint, ceiling fan, flooring, and furniture in it.   There is only the closet floor still to do.   Plenty of other work to do…

I’ve been sipping the news through a tiny straw, so I might have more to say later.   Someone asked the question “what will they come up with next to distract us?”   Now we know.   Yes, I know that is crazy conspiracy talk.  I will need to see more coverage before it’s anything more than a wry observation, but the question was asked.

Stack some stuff.   It’s getting weirder daily.


Sun. May 15, 2022 – so the eclipse is tonight…

Hot and humid.   Even here.  Still sunny though.

Was hot and humid in Houston and here yesterday.   I finally got up here around 430 and did a few small things, mostly cleanup.  I did change a light fixture and found more questionable electrical work.  Every fan and fixture so far had something sketchy.  Old boy did not like wire nut, but he loved tape.


A/C stopped cooling about 530pm.  Fans were fine after the sun went down, but the humidity is still unpleasant.  I’m thinking about staying through Monday to deal with that, and get some more tasks finished.

It’s always something.

Stacks aren’t gonna help with the A/C as I don’t have my spare capacitors here.   If I did, I’d swap one and see if that did the trick.  As it is, I’ll have to call someone.  I don’t want to call them on Sunday though.

Cash money is the best prep for this, at this time.

I did sell my one big thing and a couple of small things at my swapmeet, so it was worth staying in Houston for that.   I am behind up here though.

I better get something done…

Stack it high.  Body armor is next on the restricted list.


Sat. Apr. 23, 2022 – sleeping, then working, then cooking, then hiding

Clear and warm, maybe hot.  Yesterday turned into a gorgeous day.   Just a fine spring day.  It is getting to be summer already here and I don’t know how many more cool-ish days we’ll get.

Did a couple of pickups, BOL stuff, minor stuff.  Then went to Costco.   The short report is that they had meat, and it was reasonably priced, especially pork products.  I bought a bunch.   What they didn’t have was normal chicken.  Only organic, and $6/pound.  Nope.  Didn’t get any.   The fish cooler had everything spread out, with each package “tiled” in a single layer to fill the open top cooler.  And by everything I mean mostly salmon.   They had just a couple other seafood items.  I was able to get most of the other stuff on my list.  It was  a big bill.  Meat, school lunch snacks, and OTC supplements.  $50 in TP.  Wine for  the  missus….

Today’s plan is to sleep in a bit, do more work around the house.  Then I need to start cooking for D2 and her guests.   Then after dinner, I’ll be hiding out from 4 screaming 10yo girls.   Dental work without anesthesia might be less painful…  but, these are the good old days, so I’ll find what joy I can.

Stack up the memories too.


Thur. Apr. 21, 2022 – wedding anniversary and child birthday coming up… I better get busy

Cool and humid again, possibly clear. We started yesterday with misty drizzle, and had overcast and occasional localized misty drizzle all day.   I did see the sun in various places around town.

I actually got a few of the things done that I needed to get done.

Now to get a whole lot more of them done!

Today should be pretty much like yesterday, except for the trip to Conroe.  And I might spend a bit more effort at home, or doing some modeling on the computer.

For the editorial content I might usually put here, see my last comment last night.

Share your thoughts.

And stack it up!


Wed. Apr. 20, 2022 – something about dope? That would be dopey.

Cool and hopefully clear again.   Yesterday was nice.  A bit overcast in the afternoon and evening, but cool and sunny for most of the day.

So I spent it driving around.   And I’ll do that today too.   I have enough stuff for the BOL, and I have two more things to pick up about an hour into the drive, that I might just drive up to the BOL today.  Might even stay overnight.   Besides dropping off another load of stuff, there are  a couple of dimensions I’d like to check against the “Sanitarian”‘s plan for my septic.   Weird name, but apparently a Texas licensed position…

He’s drawn part of the drip field in a place where it can’t go.   I think it’s just because the field isn’t drawn strictly to scale, but it doesn’t match all the measurements I made while we were up there and I’d like to be sure.   I also didn’t ‘close the box’ when I did my survey measurements, so I’m missing a couple measurements that would confirm and validate all the others.  I don’t really want to spend 6 hours going up and back without getting anything done up there.   Plans.  Who needs ’em?

Plans get changed.   Planning is useful.

And I need more food safe buckets, because I plan to get through what’s coming.

Stack it up folks.   Ways and means.  Figure out how you’ll keep making a living.  Stack the things you’ll need for that.


Sun. Mar. 20, 2022 – well, we knew there were issues

We probably should have met with the septic guy right away…..

Beautiful day yesterday.  Kids and wife all got out on the water. I played lawn Jarts with D2.

Much work was done.

Then we played the Lord of the Rings version of Monopoly. More fun than regular Monopoly.  The tokens are movie character minis in metal. Neat.

Today is cleanup and secure for departure.  And I’ll be back up here to meet with the septic guy as soon as he’s available.   And a foundation guy.   No surprises, but I was hoping we had some time before needing septic service.   We did get the propane filled, and system inspected.

We’ll be upgrading gas stuff as we go too.

More good neighbors.  They have a plan to isolate the development for the zombie apocalypse.  They are thinking about it and at least jokingly planning… Which is a good thing.

Keep stacking my friends.


Sat. Mar. 19, 2022 – stubby, yeah don’t laugh

placeholder so if I have an issue, y’all amuse yourselves.


Fri. Mar. 18, 2022 – got some internet…

Weather here is variable.  Could be nice, could be a cold front later today.

I put today’s update in the comments last night.

Work progresses.

I’ll be doing a round trip to Houston today, weather permitting.

I would like to get at least some basic long term food up here asap.  Makes me nervous not having it close to hand.


On another front, radio reception is awesome.  Shortwave is strong and plentiful.  Ham bands were alive last night.  I can’t wait to get a radio up here and spin the dial.

Work on your own escape plan.  Stack some things.


Thur. Mar. 17, 2022 – St. Patrick’s Day. Faith and begora!

Starting the day at the BOL, where we are on the edge of a storm system.  No idea two days in advance what it will look like, or if it will materialize.

For those of you on the roads today and tonight, be careful.  Lot of amateurs on the road today.


Time to wear out my only Irish joke–

What’s the definition of oral sex in Ireland?

– Two paddies standing on opposite street corners yelling at each other “Oy, FOCK You!”  “No, FOCK YOU!”



See?  I can bring the funny when I want to!

Stack up some good times today.



Bonus joke–

-Two irishmen walk into a bar……………… of course they do, they’re irish….