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Mon. June 18, 2018 – slightly cooler

9am and only 80F, although the humidity is a bit higher. The rain may have cooled it down a bit. Swim meet tonight, and I’ve got the kids at home today, so busy me! There’s a lot of things to … Continue reading

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Sun. June 17, 2018 – Father’s Day

At 9am, it’s currently just shy of 90F with 72%RH. Normal hot day. Congratulations and best wishes to all the Fathers honored on this day. It’s a tough job, in most cases undertaken willingly, but never with complete knowledge and … Continue reading

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Sat. June 16, 2018 – I guess I better get busy

Looks like another hot, humid day, but NOAA says we’ll get t-storms at some point, and for the next two. Their record this spring hasn’t been as good as last. They changed graphics programs for their maps, maybe they changed … Continue reading

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Fri. June 15, 2018 – tired!

Up late last night, lots of sun, and I”m wiped out today. I want to go back to bed more today than any day I can remember in the last year or two. Our brief but heavy rain didn’t really … Continue reading

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Thur. June 14, 2018 – busy day

830AM and 85F with 75%RH. Gonna be hot here in the swamp. So of course we have a swim meet where we need to set up our team on a tennis court. The host team has warned that our kids … Continue reading

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Wed. June 13, 2018 – Friday the 13th is on a Wednesday this month

Hot, humid, sunny. Houston. Ate some grapes from my vine yesterday. I decided if I want any, I’ll have to do what the thief is doing and just harvest the red ones. So I did. Tasty, but the skins were … Continue reading

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Tues. June 12, 2018 – seismic shifts

Another hot one here, currently 80F and the humidity hasn’t let up. The geopolitical climate is shifting. You can see it everywhere. Nationalist movements gaining prominence. Rising anti-immigrant sentiment. Brexit. And now the meeting with North Korea. (and the Kurds … Continue reading

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Mon. June 11, 2018 – let’s get started!

Another week, another opportunity to start something. Yeah, hot today. Already 80F in my driveway. Got errands and work to do today, so here’s a link dump. “Immediate Responder” ie. YOU… EBOLA … Continue reading

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Sun. June 10, 2018 – time to make the donuts

Woke stiff and sore. No idea why. Can’t really think of what I did to strain myself. Getting old is not for the weak…. 86F and humid at 9AM. Yesterday’s overcast helped with the heat, but no such luck today. … Continue reading

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Sat. June 9, 2018 – open thread

75F and humid promises another hot sunny humid day. Our other choice is thunderstorms, so I guess I’ll have to take the heat. I’ve got my non-prepping hobby club meeting this AM and possibly a sale or two, and then … Continue reading

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