Fri. Dec. 6, 2019 – so much to do…

Cool and damp.

Well, yesterday got to be shirtsleeves weather, despite the cooler start.

I was misled about my volunteer commitment, so I had more time for errands than I thought I would. Still, two of my pickups were on the complete other side of Houston, in Bay City. That’s far.

I picked up a 22 rifle and some science-y gear. Now I’ve got to go through the pile of gear and pull out the stuff I can use for demos with the kids.

Wife and kids are at girl scout camp this weekend, so I’ll have some uninterrupted time to do stuff. Maybe. I’m sure something will come up to change that.

Lots of crazy in the world.

Bought a honda inverter gennie that I’ll pick up next week. I’m torn between keeping it and selling it. Maybe I should sell my old portable and keep this one. 5800w vs the 3000w honda, but the honda is inverter based and should be much quieter. I guess I’ll have to see how noisy it is. Even though it was half of used ebay cost, I still can’t really afford it, so it will probably be sold.

Other than listing stuff on ebay, I haven’t gotten much prepping done this week. Unless you count the gennie, which I really can’t yet.

Hopefully all y’all are doing a better job….


Thur. Dec. 5, 2019 – volunteer day today at school, and then pickups

Chilly and damp.

I got some stuff done yesterday.

I blew leaves and cut the yard. LOTS of sycamore leaves and pine needles in the yard. It looks so much better when cut. I try to be a good neighbor and keep things looking nice.

I got a couple of things listed on ebay that got them out of the house. No hits on any of my craigslist yet. That’s super disappointing.

Didn’t get anything done on mom’s pc.

I’m doing the assistant gig today for the fifth grade classes. I have no idea what the kook is going to do as a unit today, but I hope he’s got something planned. I don’t want to have to pull something out of my backside.

I’ll be out and away for most of the day.

Talk amongst yourselves….

Wed. Dec. 4, 2019 – work work work work, and some not work

Cold, probably mid-40s. Damp.

Past time to change the batteries in my weather station. Or install the internet connected one I have in a box…

More of the same for me today, and maybe my ham lunch.

I’ve not commented because I can’t imagine the pain, but seriously, don’t drive into flood water. I don’t care if you painted your truck in camo or OD green. Don’t do it. I added another flotation device to my truck pack just in case. I already had one, and a rope.

No matter where you live, disaster can find you.

Youths again. In a mall.

And security did F-all to keep him from getting hurt, or to stop the attack. The first two committed strong arm robbery, and aggravated assault and battery on the girl.

The guy is lucky his brains are intact.

Stay away from places where “youths” are in the majority. Go armed if you can. If you decide to intervene, know that you could be making a life changing choice.


As I was driving home last night, I thought about the neighborhood next to my rent house. The main street there is notorious for prostitution, so it was on my mind. I though about a particular incident, where the kids and I were driving home, and looked over and saw a rail thin black man, with buckwheat hair, and his pants around his knees, lying on the side of the freeway frontage road, covered in shit and naked, passed out. Daughter one was pretty horrified. I was not surprised as I’ve seen that particular guy in various stages of intoxication and destitution before, but never that bad. Anyway. I wondered last night how we could have fallen so far. My dad never took me anywhere I’d see naked drug addicts laying in the street, because there WEREN’T ANY. I tried to justify it in my head as living closer to the city than I did growing up, but that’s wrong too. We’re not that much closer, although the rent house is. There just weren’t people living under bridges, passed out in the streets, panhandling, prostituting, and drug dealing a block from middle class houses. By almost any objective measure, we are worse off and living in a degraded culture.

We’re well on our way on the downslope.


Tues. Dec. 3, 2019 – still behind the 8 ball

Cold. Wet. [43F when I got up.]

Yesterday was 46F when I got up. That’s pretty chilly. It was high 50s when I went to bed.

I deleted over 100 cyber monday email offers unread. Not quite as many as Black Friday, but more than I want.

Tonight I’ve got the second installment of our CPA Alumni continuing ed class on human trafficking. Very timely considering Epstein didn’t kill himself.

I should get stuck in on my mom’s pc today too. We’ll see how that goes. I don’t know how much managing of the pagefile I can do with win10 home. That’s my current plan of attack, move the pagefile to the SDcard with space on it. If I can’t, I’ll look at joining the two drives (built in flash and SD card.) I didn’t see the option when I looked remotely. Failing that, I’ll move or delete as much as possible and set updates to ‘off’. It’s ridiculous that 32Gb isn’t enough for windows by itself. Absolute worst case is I get her an all in one to use and set that up before sending it to Florida.

Please be patient with Rick as he pokes at the site and host trying to figure out what is slowing down response and reloads. Just imagine you’re back on a 14.4 modem and watching jpegs fill in line by line….

And with that, I’m off…


Mon. Dec. 2, 2019 – counting down, new week

Chilly and damp.

I had a nice weekend doing stuff completely unrelated to prepping, civic duties, or even family duties. And I’ll pay for that this week 🙂

Seriously though, it’s good to have outside interests.

This week I’ve got a continuing ed class with my Citizens Police Academy alumni on human trafficking (part two.) I’ve also got a couple of auction pickups, but not much else. I’m hoping to catch up a bit. Then in a couple of weeks, I’ll be headed to the midwest with the family for Christmas. Lots to do before then including several social and school functions.

Lots of year end stuff to do too, that’s not currently on my lists or calendars.

Better do something besides sit here….


Sun. Dec. 1, 2019 – on the first day of Christmas….

Warm. Damp. [not as such, 61F and 44%RH at 730]

Did day one of my class yesterday and day two is today. It does involve some minor metal work, some esoteric knowledge, and some hand work, so if I stretch, really far, under very specific types of collapse, it MIGHT have some prepper applications. But I am doing it to learn new things and keep my brain working. And it is a great way to spend some time with guys in meatspace with a shared interest.

Subsequently I will be away from the internet most of the day.

We did get our Christmas tree up and dressed last night, and some of the indoor decor in place. I do love the smell of a tree. We’re supposed to have a couple of clear days in a row, so I’m hoping to get the outdoor stuff up tomorrow afternoon or Monday.

We’re on the downhill slide to Christmas and the end of the year now. We’ll be traveling for the holidays too, which is another whole ball of wax. I’m really hoping for a white Christmas for the kids, and a dozen inches isn’t unusual in Michigan…

God willing and the creek don’t rise…


Sat. Nov. 30, 2019 – hobby class today

Warmer and damp. Probably.

I have a class in my non-prepping hobby today so I’ll be out of touch most of the day.

The slow suicide of western culture may be continuing, but some individuals are fighting back…

But then–

A bleedin’ NARWHAL tusk!


Fri. Nov. 29, 2019 – Black Friday, sounds worse than it is….

Cool and damp. probably. [76F and 98%RH]

Yesterday was a fair fall day. Comfortable in shirtsleeves, but not the kind of day that makes you want to run through piles of leaves and smoke a pipe… nice enough though.

I haven’t looked too hard at the bargains in my inbox, but I’m sure there are some. If there are things you are short on, double check pricing, then jump if you need to.

I actually hit the grocery store yesterday for a couple of items. I was not alone. Lots of stuff was on sale too, so I ended up buying a couple flats of canned goods and 10 pounds of pasta. They had a great coupon for the breakfast sausage my kids like, first I’ve seen in a year, so OF COURSE they were mostly sold out. I did get 4 packages, and 10 pounds of bacon. I’ll check again today and see if I can get more. There is room in the freezer at the moment.

Lots of leftovers waiting to get in my belly too. Yum.


Thursday, November 27, 2019 – Thanksgiving Day

Cool and damp. Like always. Unless it’s hot and damp. [64F and 40%RH at 10]

It’s Thanksgiving Day, in the US anyway, and I don’t have a lot to add to some very well written posts around the ‘net. I’m thankful for friends and family, for having the resources I need to live a fulfilling life and provide the foundation for the same for my kids. I’m thankful that there is still enough of the culture that made this country great left alive for my kids to learn it in their bones. I’m thankful for those who have gone before and shown us the way.

I’m thankful for your continuing support here and in real life.

And here’s to absent friends,

Thank you,


Wed. Nov. 27, 2019 – kids home, wife at work, me home too…

Another warm day, with plenty of moisture is a safe bet…. [after getting rain spatters through the night, it’s currently 64F and 40%RH with sunshine and wind]

And I’ll be home with the kids. Wife saw a chance to get out of the house, and earn some points at work by going in today, when the chances of working were slim. That means I’ve got the kids. And that usually means I’m trying to do stuff around the house while they watch how-to vids on youtube, or play minecraft. I know, not recommended.

For peace in the house, I need to keep plugging away at the pile. Can’t take a day off.

And the world continues on its way toward upheaval and madness. I just watched a vid from REI, where I used to be proud to be a coop member, with a (drag queen?) very queer in every sense of the word, actor scolding us for not doing enough about plastic in the ocean. Presented as a poem and very dramatic reading it felt like a parody but wasn’t. I’m not gonna link, google Patty Gonia if you want to see it. It ended with credits and a bizarre message about Hawaii and native peoples and implies much more than it said- about a whole ‘nuther bucket o crazy that must be out there.

People have truly lost their minds. They have no sense of proportion or history. They are easily swayed by emotion and dismiss fact as unimportant. We cannot continue to support a high tech society without science and fact-based reasoning. We cannot feed our current population without a high tech society and all that comes with it. Once broken, it will take a long time to get it back, if it’s even possible. What would it take for the Midwest to look like sub-Saharan africa? For Detroit to look like Lagos?

How far down the path are we already?