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Wed. Feb. 20, 2019 – chilly willy out

45F and damp. Chilly Willy! Had a nice time with the kids yesterday. The Geology section is more talking than the others, because we just do a sorting and identifying exercise. Our normal presenter didn’t show for the last two … Continue reading

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Tues. Feb. 19, 2019 – volunteer day

Cool, damp, and windy is my prediction for today… I’m putting this up early as today is my science teaching volunteer day at the daughter’s school. Rocks and geology this month. hmmmm. I thought it was going to be electricity. … Continue reading

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Mon. Feb. 18, 2019 – Presidents’ Day

47F and damp. Cold blew in yesterday afternoon, and hasn’t left. Presidents’ Day means I’ve got the kids at home. Wife will be working, and hoping she can get a lot done without interruptions. I did get some things done … Continue reading

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Sun. Feb. 17, 2019 – yard work, and kidsports

61F and maybe the sun will poke out? Slept in this am. Needed it. Lots to do, we’ll see what gets done. The news looks like it’s sleeping in too. n

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Sat. Feb. 16, 2019 – all the narratives come unravelled…

65F and wet. Of course. Because NOAA said it would be dry, and because yesterday was beautiful. All the narratives are coming apart. Russian collusion. Robust economy. Diversity is our strength. War is peace. American supremacy. 3rd rate actor gets … Continue reading

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Fri. Feb. 15, 2019 – just like that, another week gone

62F and pretty damp this am… Going on 60Minutes and talking about your conspiracy to remove the President from office is a pretty big deal….taking steps to do so is treason. Either we take this sort of thing seriously and … Continue reading

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Thur. Feb. 14, 2019 – The Feast of St. Valentine

53F and damp. No preconceived notion of what the day will be like. I’m opening myself to the universe today 😉 This is a good day to take special notice of your romantic loved one(s). Of course it should be … Continue reading

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Wed. Feb. 13, 2019 – Friday the 13th falls on a Wednesday this month

Heat is running, and temps had dropped dramatically before I went to bed, so 70F is probably not correct… (dang batteries) Great times to be alive, eh fellows? I mean, headlines like this — History’s 10 Most Culturally Significant Dick … Continue reading

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Tues. Feb. 12, 2019 – got alarm clocks?

59F and still wet. I think we got about one half inch of rain overnight. Realized this morning that I’ve been using my cell phone as an alarm clock for about 9 years. Before that I still used a bedside … Continue reading

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Mon. Feb. 11, 2019 – short shrift today

66F and raining. NOAA forecast has been a bit more accurate the last couple of days. We’ll see if they get their mojo back. I’ve got a mix of stuff to do today, and I think I’ll be driving a … Continue reading

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