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Wed. Oct. 11, 2023 – auctions and pickups and imaging oh my

Cool and cloudy, chance of rain. It rained off and on all day yesterday, albeit only in some spots and very lightly. I had the truck windshield get wet several times as I went through my day.

Did my kid duties in the morning, went to earn my daily bread in the afternoon.

Solved most of my client’s current problems over the course of the afternoon and evening. Got home around 8pm.

Which means there are a couple of things I should have done yesterday that will now push to today and tomorrow. I’m supposed to fast this morning, get my imaging done at 330pm and so I have to fit the rest of my day around that. I’ll be doing two pickups in the morning. I’d rather be sleeping late, and moping around the house waiting for my appointment. But I don’t get to make all the choices.

Speaking of choices…

Everyone has a choice to make. Take some responsibility for your life, or don’t. If you DO, you need to make plans for the future, to the best of your ability. Some of those plans should be for bad things happening.

The people of Israel had a bad thing happen this week. Their lives will always have a dividing line- before the day and after the day.

JFK’s assassination. The 9-11 terror attacks. The moon landing. Those are some of the shared “lines” in the USofA. There WILL be more “lines” – some will be universal, some will be very personal. Some will be good, some bad. The bad ones tend to have a bigger impact on the world and groups of people than the good ones do.

I expect there will be a bunch more bad days and bad dividing lines. So I prep. I accept that there will be bad things that happen and I do what I can to minimize the effect they will have on me and the people I love. I know there will be things that happen that I didn’t think about, that I didn’t consider could or would happen to me. I prep generally for those things and hope it will be enough.

I have taken responsibility for my life, and my future, and I’ve acted in a way that I think will lead to the best possible outcomes. I continue to evaluate, to plan, to consider, and yes, to STACK the things I know I’ll need and the things I think I’ll need, and even the things I might need.

I could be struck down tomorrow and it will have been for nought, say some. But I say, no. It’s ALREADY made my life better. It’s ALREADY led to better outcomes. It’s ALREADY paid off, and even if I’m not here, it will continue to pay off for my family, my friends, and the people who have taken responsibility for themselves and their loved ones because of my influence, however small it might be.

I’m feeling a bit poetic and dramatic because I’m facing my own very personal dividing line. Today’s testing is a part of that. A follow up appointment next Thursday will likely be the day, if there is to be one. Until then I will be watching and preparing for other, bigger events, as I have been for years.

The world is changing, as it constantly is, but the rate of change, and the magnitude of the change isn’t constant. They both seem to be getting bigger at this point in time. Bigger changes, happening faster. Be as ready as you can.



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Fri. Feb. 4, 2022 – winter.

Cold.  Icy.  For a while at least.   School is canceled so the kids are home.  Limits my mobility.  Of course, the ice does too, and if places are closed, I can’t go anyway.


Did some pickups.  Ladders, scrapers for ceiling popcorn, and electrical stuff for the eventual redo of the dock.  Vanity top for the bathroom…  fire extinguishers.   Went grocery shopping, see comments yesterday for the Joe Bidn Abundance Report.

Since the kids are home, I’ll be sleeping in a bit, then we’ll play it by ear.   I’ve got a couple of possible pickups, dock stuff, and some other household stuff, but with the Cold-magedon who knows?

I know that people were not inclined to be caught off guard this time.  And normal shortages seem to be making preppers out of everyone.  Well, not actually everyone, lot of folks though.

Don’t be late to the party.  Stack it up.



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Sat. Sept. 11, 2021 – Never forget. Never forgive.

20 years. I was in the Meadowlands, about 8 miles from Ground Zero. Some parts of it are clear as day in my memory, and some have faded. I still find it difficult to talk about the day. OFD said it was PTSD. If that means a strange mix of sadness and anger, a tendency to well up and choke up whenever I think about it too hard, or try to talk about it, then it must be true for me and about a couple hundred million other folks.

Never forget. Never forgive.


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Mon. May 31, 2021 – Memorial Day

Take a moment and remember those who died in service to our country.

ARLINGTON, VA – MAY 27: Mary McHugh mourns her dead fiance Sgt. James Regan at “Section 60” of the Arlington National Cemetery May 27, 2007.


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Sun. April 11, 2021 – not gonna be a day of rest for me…

Supposed to be another nice day. Yesterday turned out to be absolutely gorgeous. 92F in the sun, but cool-ish breezes and most of the day it was low 80s and dry. So I spent most of it indoors. Jeez.

I just didn’t feel great and so after my non-prepping hobby meeting, I took a nap. Or passed out from too much sugar, but I’m going with nap… After which I was pretty unproductive.

Which means today will be a scramble to get the house back in good shape before my wife gets home. Wild women and parties, gotta keep up the traditions…

Lots of shootings in the news. None of the articles mention Chicago, DC, Philly, or Baltimore. Hmm. Couldn’t be that the media has their own agenda. Nope. That would be a conspiracy theory and we know those are bad.

It was nice to see the guys in my hobby club. It was nice to get out and about and meet up socially. It makes me wonder if the control freaks will every be defeated or relent on their own. And I thank God I live in Texas.

Keep stacking. We’re going to need it.


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Sat. April 10, 2021 – this month is flying by

Warm and damp. Maybe some rain, although I doubt it. We’re supposed to be in a tiny little strip of weather according to the map. That almost never holds true, so I think we’ll luck out. Yesterday was overcast, warm, and muggy all day.

I got up on the roof early and installed my new camera. Got it aimed and focused in only one extra trip up, but forgot to check that the microSD card was working. I’ll have to get to that another time. I am all out of time budget for the camera project. (It is recording on the NVR)

My wife is at GS camp learning how to teach canoeing to the girls, and the kids are home with me.

Today is also the monthly meeting for my non-prepping hobby. I have some parts for one of the guys who bought stuff from me last time, so I’ll probably swing by and just drop them off. Then it’s home to the list.

And at some point, I’ll swing by the rent house and get measurements for what will fit in the fridge spot in the cabinets. I’m pretty sure the Lowe’s near me has one in stock that will fit, but I’d sure like a scratch n dent if I can find one. The tenant says “no hurry, the fridge part still works fine.” Weird, but I’m over wondering what’s wrong since the fridge is probably 20 years old and has a bunch of cosmetic issues too. And if anyone is wondering, yes, new HVAC board, new dishwasher, cheap dryer, new dryer, new fridge, some plumbing work, etc WILL eat most of the profit from your rental. That’s why small landlords tend to be handy, and go for scratch n dent whenever possible, and cut more corners than they should.

Non sequitur, anyone else wear the little locator nibs off your keyboard? The actual letters are still on the keys, which are very shiny (in proportion to how often they get used), but the little nibs are worn away. The spacebar also has a gentle depression in it where my thumb rests… I’ve got a gamer keyboard with cherry switches sitting here, I should probably get that swapped in. This original Dell keyboard is as old as the machine, which shipped with win8.1, so it lasted pretty well. I picked up the new keyboard a couple of weeks ago because I noticed that sometimes the shift keys don’t work, but I hadn’t noticed the nibs being worn off. In the last couple of days I noticed that I keep putting my hands in the wrong place on the home row. Add it to the list, or just do it right the f now?? List. Now there are other things to do.

I’m sure there are things on your list, and time is getting short. After all, the end is nigh- er…

Keep stacking.


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Mon. May 11, 2020 – again with the nice days

Very nice day in the forecast. Probably gonna be ugly. [wasn’t, was cool and sunny, then warm and sunny, great day]

Yesterday was beautiful. Started cooler, but warmed up. Nice and sunny all day.

Didn’t get much done either. In fact, got almost nothing done. Almost like I took a day off. What I really did was just play hooky from life, except to make dinner, and I initially screwed that up too. Wasted the morning though.

I did get one drawer cleaned in the kitchen fridge. Yea me!

And I spent some time talking with my mom, which is a good thing. She’s doing fine. Getting restless, which is bad, ’cause she’ll be trying to go out. Right now her intellect is winning, but it wouldn’t take much for her to just throw caution to the wind and go to bridge club. Lot’s of folks in that position, I think.

Today I’ll make up for my slacking. Probably.

Keep stacking.


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Wed. Mar. 28th, 2018 – state of the site…

70F and 96%RH this morning. Pretty much the same as yesterday. It did finally rain a bit, mostly sprinkles late in the afternoon. The humidity makes it all so unpleasant as soon as you start doing some work. But that’s Houston, it’s a swamp.

Some interesting statistics about this place.

Last 7 Days (Week):------4,177------15,530
Last 30 Days (Month):---17,488------65,376
Last 365 Days (Year):--114,054-----588,394

Most days we see around 700 “unique” visitors, who come back multiple times. This has stayed pretty consistent for some time. Even on “slow” days we rarely see fewer than 500. There are about 300 people registered to comment (which is free and I encourage you to join the conversation!)

Thanks to you all for sticking around.


added- sorry the numbers format-the site strips out whitespace

added- and also changes dash to emdash at random lengths.

Added by RickH

For those of you that like pictures…here’s the last 10 days. The last data point is  today, as of 1030am PDT. Click to embiggen.  (Also put a ‘code’ tag around the numbers to line things up.)

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Tues. Mar.27, 2018 – don’t be distracted!

72F with 89%RH this morning. Yuck.

Spring has sprung in Houston. We are DEEP into tree pollen season. It irritates eyes and throats, and I’m finding a lot of people like me who get sleepy and lethargic as symptoms too. Everything is covered in fine yellow dust. Yuck.

Back to the title of the post.

Don’t be distracted. There is a lot going on right now that seems to be designed to distract and engage your spare attention. Don’t let it. Personal relationships. Personal finances. Personal health and fitness. Personal learning and skills. Focus locally on the things you can impact.

If you have spare cycles, go to civic meetings. Meet your neighbors, city council, school board, mayor, local reps. They will help or hinder you more than any of the 574 in DC. Your HOA has more to say about your rainwater barrels, fence, antenna, or security door than DC.

Get a garden in this year. Put some plants in pots. Test a couple of locations in the yard, and a couple of varieties. Fresh really DOES taste great. Doesn’t have to feed your household YET, and doesn’t need a lot of time or effort, (but you might trade money to save those things.)

Walk or bike around the neighborhood. Walking the dog gives an excellent excuse to check out the lay of the land. You will see stuff that you just don’t see by car.

Drive a different route. Don’t be in a rut. If you have a few extra minutes on the grocery run, take a different turn. (Visit a different store!) Even taking a familiar street from the opposite direction will show you things you didn’t notice.

If things get sporty or go downhill, local will be most important. Get a feel for what is ‘normal’ in your surrounding area. TALK TO PEOPLE. How many bums are panhandling? Where do they spend their days? Nights? Are there people just ‘hanging around’? How many day laborers are in the park or by Home Depot? You don’t need to do a census, but it’s easy to not see them entirely. LOOK. Get a feel for normal.

Stop at a garage sale this weekend. Chat. “Hi” “How have sales been? Been busy?” “Just cleaning up or getting ready to move?” People will share surprising amounts of info. You can get a better feel for the local economy talking to people and looking around than by reading national news.

There are big shifts in the world political scene and the world economy. Sure they happen all the time, but usually they happen in one place or another, and one thing at a time. Right now feels a lot like reading a history book about the changes before a major shift or realignment. Everyone is MORE of what they are, old ideas are resurfacing, resentments are building, reactions are more emotional and just generally ‘bigger’ than normal.

Do like the big fish, and position yourself before the start….


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Mon. Mar. 26, 2018 – another week gone by

69F with 98%RH this am. Cool and damp. My hands are stiff and previous nerve damage is flaring up. Weather or work, either way it’s a pain.

I look at the news and I think, “Leviathan is moving in the deep.” We see ripples, a glimpse of top fin, the occasional missing seal, the flash of movement, shadow swelling beneath the surface. The drums of war are beating, someone is chumming the water.

Or it’s just our human desire for pattern that projects all that onto the normal cycle of civilization.

Either way, it sure feels like change is in the air, and not in a good way.


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