Thu, Mar 14, 2019 – Coffee is hot

-Rattling door, looking around-


Looks like Santana’s got Nick sleeping in…

31 F today, 30% chance of snow followed by 40% chance of rain. Roads are going to be slicker n snake snot today.


—- Turned off commenting after Nicks post went up —-

4 thoughts on “Thu, Mar 14, 2019 – Coffee is hot”

  1. Having never wiped a snake’s nose, I wouldn’t know…

    57º and cloudy. Might rain by lunchtime, but not cold enough to keep me in. I have to get out today.

    Prospects at the 9-5 are looking up. I’m optimistic.

  2. Currently 76 (24C), 56% humidity, 15 mph wind from the SE. A typical Florida winter day in other words. This cheery thought brought to you by the inflamed appendix of the lower 48! 🙂

  3. @JimL
    From my fathers lexicon. He was a New Zealander and had some more colorful (but not family friendly) phrases.

    We are in the tail end of winter. Crocus have stretched their intrepid leaves up by the house. The snow is melting revealing the sins of winter. Contemplating the dog poo duty that is on my afternoon to do list, 56% humidity and Florida sound pretty attractive.

  4. 56% humidity and Florida sound pretty attractive.

    In a month, it will be bumping against 90 regularly, and you’re praying that the summer storm season starts on time or the HOA lawyers will start sending nasty letters about the sod at your expenese.

    Update: The story below is not a joke. My HOA actually banned vegetable gardens anywhere on the property. The puckered sphincters argued that gardens would make the subdivision look like a farm.

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