Thur. Mar. 21, 2019 – doom, gloom, doom and gloom

Chilly and damp today, after an absolutely gorgeous afternoon yesterday. Maybe today will come close later on.

I am sick with what feels like a cold, mixed with allergies. So I’m on my tried and true regimen of Airbourne and sleep. I have to stand outside for 10 hours on Saturday, so I really need to be over the worst of this by then. Of course, I have a ton of stuff to do to get ready for the Hamfest, so I’ll be getting less sleep than I’d like.

Squirrels are mating, buds are coming up, my Meyer lemon tree is fully in bloom, it must be spring. I hope we have a LONG spring this year, as summer is miserable.

Time to get serious about the gardens too.

For all of you outside the pestilential swamp, what are you going to do for a garden this year?? TIME TO START climbing the learning curve if you haven’t yet.