Wed. Mar. 20, 2019 – time to make the donuts

Cool and damp. So nice yesterday afternoon. Aside from the smoke and tree pollen, I mean. Well, I didn’t smell any smoke at my house, but the darkened sky and the huge column of black off in the distance was pretty impressive. It’s a BIG fire.

CPA class was interesting. Shoot/no shoot simulator was a bit more modern than the one I did with the Constables. Turns out that Houston has in house psychology staff, and has for a few decades. They treat the cops and their families for free. The group at highest risk for a successful suicide are middle aged white males, esp when there is a gun present. That describes the majority of cops. (young women attempt it more, but use less effective means and are less likely to actually succeed.) Nationally cops have more suicide deaths than line of duty deaths from shootings and traffic accidents combined. The group of 7 counselors stays pretty busy according to the numbers.

Busy day today, should be out and about most of the day. Ham club meeting, work for buddy, paying work in afternoon, then softball game late evening… this week I’m hopping. And I feel miserable from the pollen and this head cold and would rather be in bed. Poor me.