Fri. Mar. 22, 2019 – nothing of note, except the end of the week

Cool and not quite as damp. That’s as precise as I can get until I change the dang batteries in my weather station. It sure got nice yesterday. Forecast is for continued clear, and I really need that for a good day selling tomorrow. I’ve started looking at the forecasters on the map, I’ll see if any are better than the others. It also looks like they changed their map software again (NOAA) so maybe back to accurate??

This week was busy but seemed to take forever.

Spring is definitely here. New growth is poking out everywhere. Garden is going to get some priority after the hamfest.

Preps this week were all about getting the ebay out the door (china boy finally paid, and I shipped to a forwarder.) Other than that, adding groceries to the pile- pork loin is back on sale at HEB, $1/pound, vac pack bulk. REALLY tasty for chops and little roasts.

I did have a problem with icing in my garage fridge. I think I lost 10 pounds of pork shoulder butt roast, I’ll know today. It was vac packed but got warmer than I like for a day or so. Fortunately the rest of the contents are sturdy and unaffected by the higher temp. I think I have the blockage taken care of so I can restock today.

I suggest checking the clearance area of your grocery every time you shop. There are often some huge bargains.

This wasn’t even a good ‘coupon’ trip (HEB has store coupons on the shelf) and I saved $27 to get to $150. I had store coupons for a couple of items (BOGO pasta, some cans), the sale pork, and a bunch of clearanced cleaning stuff for 2/3 off.) You can save a ton of money with smart shopping.

I missed our local .gov meeting, it’s the same night as my CPA class. That sucks, but the CPA stuff is good too. MEATSPACE.

So what did you guys and gals do to prep this week?