Fri. Mar. 1, 2019 – what did you do to prep this week?

47F and wet out. Jeez, I thought we were done with this. Guess not.

Mostly my preps this week were garden and food.

State of the garden- no plantings, but some maintenance. Apple trees are budding. Grape vines are budding and have been pruned. Citrus has been pruned for size and shape (gotta keep them short and flat) and the Meyer Lemon is flowering. Blueberries- some of the plants are flowering. Peach is budding. Rain barrels are full.

BTW, Costco has rain barrels on sale in the stores. They will hold water for drinking too, but you will need a good filter. You’ve already got one of those right?

I replaced a bunch of canned goods, one month worth of veg and fruit, and added some bulk.

Bought a tabletop propane grill yesterday for $10 in almost unused condition. One is none and all that. I’ve got lots of ways to cook. Goodwill had Sterno “Emergency cooking kits” which consisted of one can sterno, a pot holder, and instructions. No a bad idea if you don’t have any other cooking backup.

The new firepit arrived but I haven’t set it up yet. The kids can’t wait to try out the cooking grill on it.

I tried to use my LilBuddy heater and broke off the valve. I’ll find a replacement. I did get parts for the kerosene heater I picked up- still cheaper than new. It needed the battery box and cover. Found an online supplier with parts for pretty much all kerosene heaters and ordered. Prices were good and I got the parts in less than a week.

Also received the new cap for the water tank I bought last week. Need to get that cleaned and sterilized, then placed and filled.

Picked up some wheeled gas cans and some EOTW /rebuilding civ books for the reference library. Long shot but cheap insurance.

IRL I joined a group of hams for a weekly lunch, and I joined the Citizens Police Academy for our city police. The one’s with the issues in the news. I expect to meet at least one interesting person, maybe 2 or 3. It should open up training opportunities and volunteer opportunities too.

I guess it’s been a productive week or two. Certainly went by quickly enough.

So what did you do to make yourselves more comfortable as the world turns, and time slips away like sands through an hourglass?