Tues. Mar. 12, 2019 – sleep in, start the day 3 hours late

67F and a bit grey. Never did rain yesterday, here anyway. Got hot and muggy though.

Had several dreams last night that woke me up. One of them was a good subject for today’s post. If only I could remember what it was… I remember it being great 🙂

WRT education, healthcare, government, or big business, as they grow there is more room for non-productive people. They then use burdensome regulation to keep out leaner newcomers, and ultimately shift the cost of the nonproductive to other payers, like the .gov or taxpayers. It eventually comes down to very few producers supporting a giant pile of unproductive people in makework positions. This is only sustainable as long as money that is unrelated to the core of what the organization does keeps coming in (ie. cheap loans, financial engineering games, subsidies, etc)

With companies, the market and bankruptcy proceedings used to reset the organization to a more productive state. With governments, tax revolts or everyone moving away would do the trick. Our federal .gov has grown without limit, and few can escape it physically. Eventually there will be a tax revolt. Cultural shifts and market forces are unlikely (private industry paying better than .gov, or .gov becoming too uncool for people to enter it.)

Some plants you need to prune to keep them productive, and organizations are much the same.