Wed. Mar. 27, 2019 – learned some things

Cool and damp. Still.

Dishwasher still not fixed. At least now it’s throwing an error (DE) about the drain motor. There is the possibility I pinched the drain hose. I’ll check that first. Otherwise, the impeller is probably too worn to empty the machine in 5 minutes. Trying to grind a piece of glass or ceramic can take its toll on a plastic impeller. Neither is a hard repair, but the impeller would have to be ordered. Frustrating to NEED to do the repair, but satisfying when you get it done.

Houston area apparently leads the nation in car crashes. Over 82K last year, that were reported and crossed thru the HPD system. The real number is much higher. About 400 resulted in fatalities. That number is both high, and very low. Safety equipment has made a big difference in what is survivable. So has trauma care, and emergency medicine. Bottom line, it is much more dangerous than any other thing you are likely to do on a regular basis. Act accordingly.