Wed, Mar. 13, 2019 – not my first rodeo

71F and just slightly less than saturated. Never did rain yesterday. I got a couple of fence panels powerwashed and my wife got some gardening done. She takes the herb garden and landscape, I take the food and trees.

I’m meeting with the ham group for lunch, we’re going to the Rodeo carnival in the afternoon, and then the actual Rodeo and concert this evening. Busy day, once it gets going. Not much room for work in there.

I’ve ordered stuff for work and the house direct from the manufacturer or the distributor in the last couple of weeks. I must say, amazon prime and 2 day shipping has really spoiled me. My expectations need to be reset for normal. Several of the items I ordered are taking 5 days to arrive. It seems intolerably slow. Even my non-prime amazon order is taking 5 days. Since the 5 days cross a weekend, it seems even longer. I am bothered by how completely amazon has altered my brain and expectations. I made my choice of supplier based on availability and price, not speed of delivery, but it still feels wrong to wait so long. There’s a problem in there somewhere….