Thur. Mar. 14, 2019 – Pi day!

69F, sunny and only 65%RH- beautiful day!

Jeez, almost 10am and I’m just getting up. Kids, dog, wife and bladder all let me sleep. I still feel like going back to bed. It was 2 am before I finally got to sleep and I’m feeling it today. NOT as young and resilient as I was.

Seems that it’s Pi Day, so got get a slice! OH, not that kind of pie?? Dang. Well, MicroCenter has a Pi Zero W for $3.14 and there are probably other geek deals to be found.

Last night’s concert and rodeo went well. I checked the website for weapons policy and knives were not mentioned. I should have known- it’s a Rodeo in Texas, and everyone had a knife. I had two, so it helped the average. The bag search, metal detector search was lackluster at best. I left my flashlight in my pocket and it didn’t beep.

The Rodeo itself had a nice mix of events, pretty much everything you’d want to see. The concert was . . . meh. Sound was pretty bad. It’s a tricky venue, but despite tons of gear in the air, the best thing they could have done was turn it down. We were seated way up in the nose bleeds, so maybe it sounded good elsewhere, but we got almost no vocals, huge resonant bass in the low mids blowing out everything, and a ‘wall o noise’ for everything else. I was happy to have earplugs and so were the wife and kids. I did take them out periodically to check the sound, but it was uniformly bad. Pretty nice light show, and really effective use of video though.

All in all, Santana isn’t gonna live forever, it was good to see him play (has a young vocalist), and I’ve been to worse shows.

Kids wanted to ride carnival rides afterwards, and wife had prepaid ticket books, so we did. Left the park at 12 midnight. There was a heavy police presence by then [pairs at least, every 40-50 feet when I looked around]. LOTS of mounted Sheriff’s Deputies when we arrived, but double the number at close. LOTS of HPD officers too, and some were loaded for bear. 4 glock mags? Really? There were a couple of raised voices, and a couple of bleary-eyed people peg-legging around, but the crowd was light and pretty well behaved. Kids had fun, nobody got hurt, wife was happy, so all in all, a good day.


(even if the late night has repercussions for the next 4 days….)