Mon. Mar. 18, 2019 – brain not working this am…

Cool and damp, probably around 54F. Yesterday turned into a beautiful day- sunny with blue sky and just a hint of cool in the air. It sure would be nice to have today be similar.

Folks, the Second Amendment isn’t the only one under attack. The First is taking a beating too. The same people who are bleating for disarming themselves are bleating to muzzle themselves too. ‘Hate speech’ is like ‘assault weapon’. It’s a made up term that is being used to criminalize what was and should remain legal. Social pressure and “PC” cultural elements are no longer enough. They want to (and do) use companies to ‘de-platform’ users whose ideas and speech they don’t like, eliminating one of the great benefits of the internet, publishing with a worldwide reach for everyone. Now they want the power of government and the threat of violence to silence those they disagree with.

While we’ve been standing fast on gun rights, they did an end run on 1A issues. Most of the western democracies now criminalize speech and we are close behind.

We need to fight this, now while we still can.

They came for the 10th A, but I didn’t care because I don’t understand the issue
They came for the 4th A, but I did not care because I’m not a druggie
They came for the 5th A, but I did not care because I’m not a criminal
They came for the 2nd A, but I did not care because I’m not a murderer
They came for the 1st A, and now I can’t even tell you why they’re wrong