Fri. Mar. 8, 2019 -finally Friday

70F and sopping wet. At least that’s what the station says. Yikes.

Well, it’s Friday again, and despite the title the week flew by. Feels like it should be Tuesday or Wednesday.

The world political and social order continues to unravel. What are you doing about it?

I’m stacking skills, gear, and people.

In the garden the pruned grape vines are leafing out. Small but there. The Meyer Lemon has a heavy flower load, which should mean a bumper crop. The potted citrus is also developing flowers. The orange and grapefruit trees seem to have survived the cold. Another couple of weeks will tell us for sure. The peach is budding, as are the apples. This weeks freeze should be the last, so it’s time to get some stuff in the ground.

Added to the food storage pile. Added to the water storage capability. Still have to clean and sterilize my new small tank though. Haven’t seen any evidence of rats in a while, maybe I’ve finally caught a break.

Time to rotate and refresh my main medical bags, and to organize my deep stocks. I think everything is fine, except the tape and vet wrap. The adhesive gets weird as they age.

I’ve got a Response to Active Shooter class this weekend, and the city PD program will continue for 9 weeks. Both of these fall into the ‘meeting people’ category.

I’ve had lunch with a ham group now two weeks running. Very diverse group with lots of expertise in different areas. Nice folks too. That will overflow into skills as well as people. There is a bit of crossover with my non-prepping hobby as well.

I got a check for some maintenance work and I have more work scheduled, so at least some money is coming in. Ebay continues to be weak but may be picking up.

No one I talk to is optimistic about economic or social issues. This has the potential to be a self-fulfilling prophecy. It is Not Good ™.

So what have you done? And since winter happened, what did you do that worked? Success stories are great, even for minor triumphs….