Tues. April 30, 2019 – more running around

71F and damp. Depending on the source, we get rain sometime today. Yesterday ended up being very nice. WAY too damp but still cool. Wind was blowing like crazy.

I’ve got a Dr’s appointment this am, then take a load to the auction, and CPA class this evening. Narcotics and financial crimes tonight.

Bigger picture, the battle lines are being drawn. The Pope is now sending aid and money to the invaders from the south. Countries are apparently repatriating their gold. The volume of remimbi denominated oil deals is increasing.

When times get tough, everything gets local. You have been working on building up your local resources, right??


Mon. April 29, 2019- another week starts

71F and pretty damp.  Yesterday was nice all day.  A bit humid and hot in the sun, but all in all, a great day to be outside.

Didn’t get much sleep last night either.  Around 330am someone rang our doorbell, and when the wife looked, he ran away.  So I got woken up to review what the cameras caught.

Skinny hispanic male, barefoot, acting erratically and furtive, caught on 3 cams crossing the yard, ringing the bell, then running away.  Got time stamps on when he did the same at the neighbors’ if their lights came on too.  Not a crime but suspicious as hell.

The upshot is that my homemade lash up of cams and NVR worked, but I can’t figure out how to get the video OUT of the things, and the NVR software/pc is def having trouble with the 8Mpx cams.   I’m really glad I backed it up with SD cards in the cams.  The onboard images are great but the storage is limited. I’ll have to move sorting some of that out further up the list.

Pickups today, on the east and southeast sides of town, and loading up another load for the local online auction.  Costco run too.  Somewhere in there, possibly talk to our constable deputies.

I’m tired, kids are tired, wife is tired.  Lotta grumpy this evening is the forecast….



Sat. April 27, 2019 – another week gone

65F and sunny.  High humidity though.

Lots to do today.  Daughter’s birthday party (and sleepover, joy.) Other daughter’s two sportsball games.  Garden.  Lawn.  Cleaning before 8 little girls arrive….  I’m gonna need earplugs and sedatives….

Anyone get any prepping done last week?  How are your gardens coming??  Any new skills or new people?




Fri. April 26, 2019 – driving all day, so some links

Supposed to be clear and nice today and tomorrow. I’ll update that before I leave the house.   [59F and not quite saturated]

I’ve got a pickup in San Marcos, so I’ll probably swing by Austin as well and hit the surplus store. Depends on the time and how long everything takes. Minimum, I’m on the road for 5 hours, with an hour or so between cities at the far end. That means I won’t be here.

Some hard core prepper links (that I haven’t read yet) to keep you occupied. From one of my EMgmt newsletters.

Preppers and doomers always talk about how quickly our Just In Time based world will fall apart and how fragile it is. Here are a couple of links that address that very thing.

Aligning Public and Private Supply Chains Following Disasters

PrepTalks GraphicDr. Jarrod Goentzel’s PrepTalk, “Aligning Public and Private Supply Chains for Disaster Response”, demonstrates how the private sector has far more capacity to respond than the public sector, explains the role of emergency managers in supporting private sector supply chain restoration, and shows how analysis of supply chains can help with strategic and tactical preparedness and operational collaboration during a crisis.”

Private Sector Resilience: It is All in the Supply Chain

PrepTalks GraphicDr. Yossi Sheffi’s PrepTalk, “Private Sector Resilience: It is All in the Supply Chain”, explains the modes of failure in supply chain networks, explores new ways to think about disruptions, and showcases a General Motors case study on the complexities of supply chain management.”

So what can you do before disaster strikes???

These taxpayer funded FEMA resources exist to answer that question. And might provide the basis for some PA novel, if you were inclined that way…

Strategic and Operational Planning

The purpose of this page is to provide information on strategic and operational planning. The National Incident Management System is intended to be used by the whole community. The intended audience for this page is individuals, families, communities, the private and nonprofit sectors, faith-based organizations, and Federal, state, local, tribal, and territorial governments.

And for the really detail oriented…

CPG 101, Developing and Maintaining Emergency Operations Plans, Version 2

How to Use This Guide CPG 101 is designed to help both novice and experienced planners navigate the planning process. Used in its entirety, this Guide provides information and instruction on the fundamentals of planning and their application. Chapters 1 and 2 lay the foundation for planning efforts by providing information on the basics of planning (Chapter 1) and the environment within which planners function (Chapter 2). With an understanding of these fundamentals, the Guide then transitions from theory to practice by discussing the different plan formats and functions (Chapter 3) and moving into an explanation of the planning process (Chapter 4). A detailed checklist, building upon Chapters 3 and 4, is provided in Appendix C. Because Appendix C provides a set of detailed questions to consider throughout the planning process, users are encouraged to copy or remove this checklist and employ it as they work through the planning process in Chapter 4.”

There are a BUNCH of interesting looking PREPtalks in the left hand sidebar on the pages linked above. This is going to be a time suck soon…

Until then, I’m on the road and will only be checking in periodically.

Tell me what you did this week to plan, or prep.


Thur. April 25, 2019 – getting old is not for the weak

63F and wet. Off and on sprinkles late yesterday afternoon, and continued through the night. At least the grass got watered.

Year end school activities continue to take extra time, and summer sports are starting up too.

How did my days get so full?

Too many of us and our kith and kin getting sick or having health issues.

In other news, my babysitter (63, christian, anti-gun) thinks the Notre Dame fire was deliberate, sees the destruction of Europe by muslim invaders, and has watched the NZ murderer’s video. Can’t stop the signal.


Wed. April 24, 2019 – relatively few things on my calendar

60F and damp this morning. Yesterday was overcast and had occasional sprinkles. I am pretty sure I could see storm cells in the distance so someone might have gotten serious rain…

Wife is safely home. And I’m happier. I don’t like to have the family split.

Plenty to do today even if my calendar is relatively clear, but most of the stuff is here at home. I have some ebay stuff to catch up on, and auctions to follow, and my ham radio lunch, with picking up the kids and sportsball following… so some stuff still…

CPA class was interesting, and I’ll comment more about that below.

Now I’ve got to get some breakfast cooking.


Mon. April 22, 2019 – back to the grind

65F and damp this am. Yesterday turned beautiful and stayed beautiful all day. We’re forecast for clear for a couple more days, and I hope we stay relatively cool too.

Work on the yard and house will continue this week. I’ve got a truck load ready for auction and much more queued up. I have the bathroom reno to finish. I have to visit Chicago to help get my mom’s house ready for sale. Swim team starts in a week and school ends in about 4 weeks.

This is going to be a busy month.