Sun. Mar. 17, 2019 – Birthday was this week

54F and damp this am. Intrepid backyard campers are still asleep.

My 54th birthday happened this week, marking 53 years on this earth. I always get a bit down near my birthday. Don’t know why.

That’s long enough to have seen several things come and go. It really does give some perspective when you can live thru the various cycles, and remember. It makes it harder to credit the ideas of younger people. EXTREMELY frustrating when I WAS the younger people, but clear as day now. Politicians NEED that sense of perspective and stored experience. 35 was fairly old in the 1700s. You had 18 or so years living as an adult, and yet were still vigorous enough for the demands of the job, with a dozen more good years left in you. I’d say the modern equivalent age is 50. So when people are talking about a 35yo (or YOUNGER) President, I want to start smashing heads. 16yo voters? These are the same kids who are too dumb to know not to eat SOAP fer Pete’s Sake.

Anyway, while I’m out filling my head and hands with only marginally useful info, what did you do to prep this week?

My grape vines now have 4 inches of green shoots. The Meyer lemon is heavy with great smelling flowers. The potted citrus is either flowering or in bud. Wife got some herbs planted in her garden. General spring cleaning has been happening.

I am buying extras every grocery trip to replace what got eaten or spoiled by the rats. Haven’t seen any evidence, but I’m pretty sure I heard the pitterpatter of rat feet while in the garage the other day. I’m going to move my super trap to the garage.

I cleaned out the new water tank. It’s the size of a 55 gallon drum on its side, with a big cleanout hole, and mounted on a frame with wheels. I haven’t sterilized it or filled it, as I need to replace 2 of the wheels.

I’ve been out and about, meeting new people and taking the mood of the clans…

What have you gotten done?? (or started?)