Sat. Mar. 2, 2019 – another week zipped by

57F and wet. Sounds familiar.

Lots to do today, all family stuff. MY big Saturdays are coming up.

Lots of pollen in the air here, lots of people sick from all the weather changes, lots of sniffling. I’ve been washing my hands constantly. That’s a luxury we won’t have post SHTF, and yet we’ll need it more than ever. I think I’m going to add more soap to the pile. It’s super cheap now, small, doesn’t rot, is individually packaged, literally a lifesaver, and to make it later is very labor and time intensive.

So what else did I pick up prep-wise? I got a cobbler’s last in a small variety of sizes. I’ve been watching shoe repair videos, and the one thing that makes it significantly easier is having a stand to hold the shoe while you work on it. I need to find some bigger lasts, but you do see them from time to time. This set is called the “Family Cobbler”. Lots of people have them as rustic display items. Every family would have wanted one back in the day. I’ll probably just display it too.

I picked up a couple of ham radios, an HT and a mobile. They are by far the most modern and fully featured radios I own. Both will do data, APRS tracking, and have really thick manuals. They are much more for the ‘ham’ than for the ‘prepper’. Overkill at underkill prices though…

I better get moving on breakfast, hungry Girl Scouts will be headed out to run a cookie booth soon, then softball season kicks off with a carnival, and later, a GS dance….

Like I said, busy.