Sat. Mar. 9, 2019 – busy day, of course

Writing this Friday night, and I’m guessing it will still be warm tomorrow (today.) Forecast calls for rain too.

Today I have my non-prepping monthly hobby meeting, to be cut short so I can attend a training class for Active Shooter response. The class is accredited and taught by an accredited deputy. Free, with a light lunch, courtesy of the same Constable’s office that did the CPA program I attended. This is the same training they provide to any group, church, or business in their service area, for free.

No kiddie sportsball this weekend, as we’re headed into Spring Break week. I’m not going anywhere this year. Well, we’ll go to the Houston Rodeo and Livestock Show one day. I’m not gonna be risking my neck on the ski slope though.

So, early start and busy until mid afternoon. Try not to burn the place down while I’m away….