Mon. Mar. 4, 2019 – more later

37F’ing degrees. Wow. And damp.

Sleepy family needs to get up and ready,

more later.


ok, it’s later.

Still sore from my dancing exploits. Limbo contest at almost 53 years of age is a bit more than I was ready for. It does point out how we [I] tend to lie to ourselves about our physical conditioning…

This is why we prep–

23 people killed by tornadoes that ripped through Alabama and Georgia, destroyed homes and left over 40,000 without power

At least 23 people were killed when tornadoes struck eastern Alabama and Georgia on Sunday afternoon
Search for the missing continues into the night as rescuers comb through ‘catastrophic’ damage
Local media outlet reports that one of the fatalities was an eight-year-old girl in Beauregard, Alabama
Around 40,000 people have been left without power in Alabama and Georgia

Disaster can strike at any time. If it misses you, you can still be a help to your neighbors and community.

Tornadoes [fires, floods] and their destruction, are also why you should have some preps outside your home. Ideally separated from you by some distance, but at least in a shed or garage.