Fri. Mar. 15, 2019 – beyond crazy, but not unpredictable

Thermometer says 79F this morning, so I think it’s stuck again. Doesn’t seem likely.

Things are getting crazy. Brazil. New Zealand. Mob bosses. People are starting to act. The rules are breaking down. I don’t think this is coincidence but an indicator of the changes in the zeitgeist. A major candidate for US President from a mainstream party is running on the idea that we’ll ALL be DEAD in only TWELVE YEARS? and he’s not laughed out of the room? He may be right, at least for individuals, but it won’t be AGW that did the deed, it’ll be violent extremism of one sort or another.

Think about what it means if he’s sincere and his followers are too. It’s an end times apocalyptic cult. Those tend to end horrifically. Think about the world someone with that desperate belief would create. They’d do anything, justify anything to avert it. If half the population needed to die, well at least half would survive.

Early reports are almost always wrong, but this guy in NZ seems to have decided to take desperate action NOW, and he managed to convince 3 others too. Same for whoever ordered the hit in NY, and the two guys in Brazil. They all got to that point where talking didn’t make sense to them any more.

There are a lot of people in the US and online talking about CWII. They are talking about making lists, settling scores, taking action. Anyone out there still think it won’t finally get to the point where people are sick of just talking?

A lot of innocents were sucked into CW1. A lot of hardship fell on the ordinary people. I don’t know how to avoid it, or how to survive it, but making sure you can eat, defend yourself, and lie low have to be a pretty good start.