Day: November 19, 2021

Fri. Nov. 19, 2021 – still plugging away

Cool and clear, damp. Still minor chance of rain. My client is out in the country (for now- housing developments are going in all around him ) and it was beautiful yesterday. So I was in a dim house, and a dim theater, and a dim rack room…

Made some progress but main tasks were held up until we got internet access back. That involved hard resetting the ATT DSL router/modem and re-entering account info. Ultimately it took a phone call to customer service by my client who knows how to escalate (he’s a C-suite guy, doesn’t normally hear ‘no’ without a whole lot of probing questions.)

I’m back out there today, trying to get enough hardware in line and on line that my erzatz partner can do some control programming remotely while I’m out of town. Enough has to work that my client can watch football over Thanksgiving. It is a challenge at this point.

But hey, challenges are why we do things, right?

And it all is money in the bank.

Which will help me stack all the things.


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