Day: November 14, 2021

Sun. Nov. 14, 2021 – we’re gettin’ the band back together…

Cold and clear warming to cool and clear. Probably won’t get to hot and clear… It was beautiful on Saturday. I even got the mower out and cut the grass in the back yard.

Did my non-prepping hobby meeting with mini-swapmeet. We had a good turnout. Some cash was exchanged for some stuff I’d picked up over the past couple of months. Not much, it’s more about the camaraderie than making money most quarters. Nice to see people getting together for a shared interest. Lots of donuts were eaten too.

Came home and did some ebay listing, some housework, and general ‘real life’ stuff. Didn’t do much ‘prepping’ outside of building community and getting out into meatspace. In the mean time, my daughter is learning to shoot a rifle, so that is cool. She officially knows more about sailing very small boats than I do too. They had good weather for their day, with a chilly night. Wife and eldest will be home today some time around noon. It was a short camp outing.

Turns out that hamsters don’t like syringes full of liquid meds poked down their throats. Who knew? Yes, had to give the furball some meds last night, and this morning. Not an easy thing to do. Certainly harder than I expected. Little fluffy has a couple of tumors and a bare patch on his flank. So far he’s still active and eating. We take on an obligation to the animals under our care, but with $7 hamsters, there are limits. Meds and comfort are about as far as we’re prepared to go with this one. So the kids will probably soon get another life lesson. And the parents too.

These are the ‘good old days’ so make hay…

and stack all the things.


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