Day: November 21, 2021

Sun. Nov. 21, 2021 – some of my neighbors have Christmas lights out already

Cool and damp again. It’s been pretty nice for the last week, so I guess I’ll spend next week in the path of a big storm. ‘Cuz why not?

Especially considering I’m flying on Monday and Black Friday during the shakedown for wuflu mandates with TSA and other airport/airline workers. What could possibly go wrong?

Yesterday I spent the morning learning about the Ubiquiti gear I have to support, and the afternoon poking at it. In the middle I caught my 10yo hiding what she was reading online from me. Mostly fanfic webcomics, but they do have comment sections and she was commenting. That is going to bear some additional scrutiny before she gets the lappy back and the sites unblocked. The titles of the comics look objectionable but the content might not be that bad. My wife will do the looking. I knew the little sneak was bosskey-ing me.

Did make some very small progress with the ubiquiti switch. It took nuking my side, and reinstalling the controller software, and a lot of factory restoring on the box side. I eventually got one switch and one access point enrolled in the cloud management tool and configured. I cobbled the theater together so they can at least watch movies in there for the next week. I hate half assing stuff but some is better than none in this case.

Today will be getting ready for travel and family visit. Joy.

Keep your head on a swivel and your awareness up, and keep stacking while you can.


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