Day: November 2, 2021

Tues. Nov. 2, 2021 – 110221 – hurtling into the future… one day at a time

Cool to start, warming gradually, then maybe hot, reverse and repeat until dark. Mid 80s high in the sun. 60F when I went to bed, mid 50s when I woke up. REALLY nice weather.

Boxed up a couple of sales, and dealt with a complaint. I’ll be re-shipping that today, along with a couple of low dollar items. Good margin, just low gross. Still, stuff is actually selling. One sale, Ebay recommended an auction for a PS3 game, new and sealed, and recommended a starting price. I got 3 offers below the open price, and then one of them bid and won with essentially the open. I haven’t done an auction in a long time, because buy it now generally brings more money. I can’t recall anyone making lowball offers before the auction completed. Not sure if this is a ‘game’ thing, or if the nature of auctions has changed. I’ll be sticking with buy it now, for now.

Put away a bunch (but not all) of the Halloween decor.

Then the rest of my day got eaten by ducks and I got not much done.

Besides frustrations with banking, and chauffeuring children, and delivering takeout, I’m fighting a stupid apple file format issue. One of the extra curricular programs sent out a .doc file with instructions to their big event. My wife sees it as a .doc attachment to an email, but when she forwards it to me, it’s a .pages attachment. Which of course windows knows nothing about. Turns out it’s a zip file, with a thumbnail image, and (ONLY SOMETIMES) an actual pdf file in a folder structure. WTAF? So much fail. In my case, I can see the map, as the thumbnail, but all the instructions are hidden inside some other file in the folders, in a format I can’t read. pdf is what? 30 years old? And people are still sending out docs? and Apple takes it on themselves to mung that up? Jeez.

I’m looking at a couple of area credit unions to move my business account. The first free one has only one branch but lists all the branches of another CU and ATMs, including inside costco, so if I can do all my business online or at an ATM, that should work. Even if I chose to use the affiliated CU directly, their requirements for business checking are not onerous. I’ve been over IBC for years but inertia is a thing.

That won’t be the first business that made me work just a little too hard. If I’m going to work that hard, I might as well look at other options too. And since I spent the time on the other options, I might as well pick one…

With hard times coming, it’s probably worth taking a look at the things you’ve taken for granted, or have been allowing to just ‘coast’. You might have too much or too little insurance, the wrong phone plan, cable tv or other subs you don’t use (F YOU Freedom Pop), TiVO, streaming services, etc. Your habits or lifestyle may have changed enough that you are stocking the wrong foods, or your burn rate may have changed so your amounts are wrong. Is it time for a new mattress? Shoes? Winter coat? Do some things need repair? Well, if I’ve got a big list, so should you. No rest for the wicked…

And probably, you should be stacking something…


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